Solo Teen Pissafternoon

Shugo’s Painful Piss Training!

Shugo tried his best to grip the mouth of the plastic bottle to please his mistresses. His young mistresses, Aya and Hanue, didn’t take kindly to slaves that hesitated. Aya dropped her SOILED panties and showed Shugo her filthy crack. She didn’t want to squat, and peed directly into open, cut bottle to hit Shugo’s willing throat with her stinky, salty fluid. Shugo gagged but hid the sound, as he nearly drowns from the abundance of the warm pee from Aya. He lays on the floor perfectly still, ready for more training, more whipping, and more punishment from his cruel mistresses. With his belly full of foul pee, he is ordered to bend over, on his knees, and puke the pee out. The fluid gurgles from his stomach and rushes upward in a painful, acidic rush – up his throat and out of his aging mouth. Shugo gasps at the pain and pleasure, as he looks at what his mistresses want to do with him next.

Full Scat Play With Scat Goddess

Today Scat Goddess was again in a great mood, She call her human toilet boy to use his mouth for defecate there. He was waiting his meal in bathtub and he was very happy when Goddess fill his mouth with her huge shit turds. He love Scat Goddess because she use her tehnique and play with her shit in his potty mouth after she release her kaviar. She adore to see her pathetic toilets how they lost their humanity and become only mouths who eat and swallow her shit all the time ! She push her shit deep into his mouth, make her human toilet dirty and see how obedient he is while eating her Kaviar. This happens when slaves are hungry and kept for days without divine shit in their stomach. This movie was recorded from side of action with video camera

The Great Shit Eating! Full Movie

The title says it all! A new slave served me here as my Living loo. He had applied to me and wrote to me that he would swallow it all, no matter how much it would be! Well, let`s see. I am extra for 4 days, not gone to shit! Now the slave was under me and my toilet seat and I Pooped him a truly gigantic sausage in his mouth. On the big shit sausage, I then, still on it pissed. The slave chewed and swallowed and ate really, all my shit and then licked yet, his shit-smeared fingers, clean! My piss that had landed on the floor, he had still sipping on! As a reward, the slave was allowed, his cock jerking, until jerk off. The horny shitting and pissing in the mouth Scene, you can see it again, from 4 camera angles!