Son Eats Dads Turd

Ms D’s High Noon Aerial Assault!!

Classic from the Vaults!! Enjoy as Ms D squats and releases some logs before sitting back down to push out more pee and poo. One of the 1st clips where Ms D actually showed the browns coming out!!

Scat Dream – Hd Version

Do you want to feel my shit? My slave was punished today and must eat my shit. In the first he licked my beautiful ass. Then when I was tired of his rough tongue, I beginning to shit in his mouth. He pressed his lips to my anal hole so that my shit just beginning to fill his mouth. He did not have time to chew a huge amount of my shit, but I pushed into his mouth all he had to eat today. You’re a loser and shall eat shit from Mistress Nikole.

Sexydread’s Hungry

SexyDread poops and pees in bowl then she tastes her own homemade chocolate.