Son Piss In Moms Mouth

Lil Stink’s Quick And Clean Return!!

Another of my favorite, now rarely seen Booties is back in the mix this month!! Lil Stink just popped in with two quickies!! A nice treat for old fans and a reintroduction for those that missed out!! Enjoy these two upclose straight from the Browneye express quickies for one low low price!! Hopefully she will make even more (lord knows I’ve been pushing her) but it’s a nice treat from one of the ORIGINAL Funky Ladies and one of my all-time top sellers

Mistress Roberta – Shower Shit With Peperoni And Corn-pov

Today i get into the shower room and i start to prepare your breakfast first peeing on the floor but also on my hand and after i turn around and shit a big portion of poop just good to be eaten very smelly with corn and peperoni inside i gather it all in one place so you can see it all nice and after i give you my smeared ass hole to lick it clean i also wipe it after and give you an nice close up of your tasty breakfast so enjoy .

Who Wants My Shitty Panties?

I just took a big nasty shit in my pretty pink panties and would love to send them to you! I’m curious, what would you do with them? Would you sniff them, eat my delicious poop out of them, rub it all over your body? Tell me please… 🙂

Scat Slut Smears Her Meat Poop All Over Her Tits

Abigail Dupree deviates from her vegetarian diet and eats meat for an entire week to give you a nice solid turd. She makes sure to catch it from two different angles for you as she saved up her shit for three days. First she has to let some piss out before she lets her perfect meat turd out on a glass top table. It smells like burnt rubber and cat food. A perfectly tapered log plops onto the glass from both angles and she picks it up and writes ?scat slut? across her chest and stomach? then she smears on a poop-kini as she flirts with you and teases her beautiful cunt.