Son Pisses In Moms Arse

Mistress Gaia – Cordon Bleu Scat

So you don’t want to eat my shit raw. That’s ok… I’m going to arrange a little treat for some of you.I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. Firstly though, I have to make sure you have that thing in you hand, YES your cock. Pay attention, as I’m going to prepare this little treat from the very beginning. As I remove my clothes, I’m sure you’ll antisipate what’s cum-ming. I have a very nice new pan that I’m going to use to shit in. Don’t worry, It’s clean. I will then place it on my cooker and slowly allow it to cook. 5 minutes should be enough. There we have it, your original Courden Bleu shit by Goddess Mistress Gaia. Maybe some ORANGE JUICE to wash it down. Enjoy!!

A Lot Of My And Pee!

I did not two days! a lot of in my gut! falls out of my ass, I hear water splashing in the toilet tight! a lot of my pee too!

Lady Shits After The Concert…

We caught a 30 y.o. Lady, Rebecca, to make a great poo on the floor of her appartment, after we paid her a nice concert ticket in the Vienna Music Hall….