Son Watch And The Complain Extreme Shit

You Become My Toilet!

You know, you are just there to serve me.Whatever I want to, you have to do it.This time I tell you how I use you as my toilette.You are my human toilette and you have to keep my toilett clean, wherever I go!

Christina’s Foot In Shit – I Licked Everything!

Today, Christine has rigidly used my mouth! In the process of eating, Christina struck me with her leg in a jauntish manner, so that my wounds showed up in my mouth (we agreed on this – I wanted to feel it). Shit in your mouth feels much stronger when there are scratches in your mouth. It was so great that at the end it seemed to me that only a few minutes had passed, I was surprised when I found out that it lasted almost 20 minutes!

Mistress Lilly Playing With Herself And Shitting

Mistress Lilly pissing and shitting today in a bowl. She was wearing only her high boots in another nice movie.