Son Ya Anna White Shit

Loving Couple Shit Eating

Is scat & toilet slavery always about humiliation? Of course not! Although I do enjoy it and you’ll see a video soon of me verbally humiliating my slave while he is drinking my liquid shit smoothie. Today’s video however will show you the softer side, how beautiful & romantic it can be between a loving couple.Meet Bianca. The typical girl next door, sweet and innocent if somewhat shy housewife busy in her kitchen cooking a lovely meal for her husband William, dressed in a little summer dress. William is all cheery as he walks in saying “Honey! I’m home!”William just came back from a successful business trip but things are not what it seems as Bianca soon burst into tears while William does his best to comfort her. Her day went wrong horribly and William notice she is holding her tummy.Embarrassed Bianca admits that she hasn’t pooped all day because the restroom is not working and she’s afraid to poop in the front yard because people might see her. William will not have this and turns into the hero we know men are capable of being. William licks Bianca’s bottom for her in order to get her bowels moving because she’s in pain. Finally Bianca is ready and she can finally poop although it’s directly into her loving husband’s mouth. She is very embarrassed and even apologize in a grunting voice to her husband as she poops into his mouth.William is a true hero, eating her bowel movement and swallow it in full view just for you. Just goes to show what a hard working husband will do for his lovely little housewife out of pure love xoxo Note: This production was filmed from multiple different angles to give you an enhanced view. You’re welcome 😉

Mistress Roberta – Training My Chastity Slave Into Toilet Play-full

Today i meet with my chastity slave and i put him in the chastity in order to make him do what i want with him today so first we have an good discussion after i tease him with my ass and farts and i allow him to lick my ass hole spreading my cheeks letting him to lick clean the hole before i use him as my toilet for the first time .After i remove under my ass the leather pants i pee a bit on his face and neck, i start to poop in his mouth and took an latex glove in one hand and i start to fart while i shit and when the shit gets stuck i will check it with my finger and push it out very hard and humiliate my ex chastity slave because now i can say he becomed my toilet slave and he gets inlove with it so inloved he begs the shit to come out and after i finish shitting i take the shit from the floor and what was out of the mouth and a smear his chest with it i pot a strong piece on the high heel of my boot and order him to suck it clean and also i spit on him and when he asked me to open the chastity i told him he haves to wait another pee or shit on today so i tricked him to stay with the chastity on .

My First Pee Video

I dare to pee in front of the camera first time! Look at me, squatted in the shower. I look into your eyes and let my sweet golden pee out for you!