Sophie Dee Pee

Mistress Gaia – Gagging For My Shit

I have my slave on his knees and bound on the suspension, he’s been waiting on me for a while. I eventually arrive wearing a pair of my favourite black silk stockings. I’m going to tease my bitch, as I know he enjoys having his face in my beautiful ass. As I tease and taunt him I press it against him and tell him how lucky he is. I also told him if he is a good slave I might reward him with a special treat. I take him from the suspension, and tell him to lie on the floor. I get him to worship my silky feet, as I press them over his face and mouth. Then I use my beautiful ass to facesit and smother him. As promised it’s time for his treat, so I tell him he’s going to eat my shit. With his mouth open I put my ass near his face, and fill his mouth with my shit. I warn him he has to chew it and swallow it all. To make sure he doesn’t waste any, I get some tape and place it tightly over his mouth. What a lucky bitch of a slave to be gagging for my shit…

Introducing Josephina!!

It’s time for another new FUNKY lady!! We just keep rolling into summer with another hot rookie!! Enjoy this Sexy SBBW Latina named Josephina!! She’s a homie of my girl Big Butt Cori and Zelda and debut’s with five great FUNKY clips!! She’s Got a nice big brown ass and good things come from it!! She begins with great Grunts, plops and strain in the first two clips. Then Enjoy as she brings an interesting perspective in two scenes as she poops right over the camera onto a clear piece of glass. Enjoy as she drops some nice yuletide logs seemingly right on your face!! Then in the finale, she goes reverse kanga style, and has a nice runny case of diarrhea! Five great big explosive clips from a new big explosive Latina Ass!!

Describing Diet & Bm Bent Over Poo

@ 6 Min ? I Start Off Telling You About My Last BM Then About What I Had 2 Eat Lately. Then Take A Look At My Dirty Brown Hole Winking At You Before I Shit Right In Front Of You While Dirty Talking. Then I Show Off My Nice Dirty Asshole & The Fresh Steaming Pile I Left For You!!

Seasoned Mistress Delivers Piss And Scat Into Slaves Mouth

She might look young and innocent but she is not innocent at all! She is well trained and is a seasoned mistress. She places a funnel into her slaves mouth to deliver her golden liquid payload before removing it to follow with the main course of squishy shit that is like chocolate moose!