Sp And Ex Pissotiere

Yummy Dirty Lunch

We were once again very generous, our slave *a true gourmet* sucks everything from his bowl we put into it. His food is shit, piss, snot, and vomit. Long mucilaginous threads hang from his mouth while he chokes everything down hard, but instead he is groggy from all directions, after all his lunch should also slide well when swallowing. You can also have such a delicious meal if you dare *Smile*.

Closeup Doggystyle Poop

This clip is the last section (just the actual pooping part) of “Pooping Q&A”. So if you don’t really care about the Q&A, you just want to see my most close-up shitting clip ever, this is the clip for you. First I do a few farts that i’ve been holding in during the Q&A section of the video, you can see my asshole moving as the gas escapes it. Then it’s time to poop and this is the most close-up the camera has ever been to my ass while i’ve taken a shit, so enjoy seeing it in all its detailed glory. I get into doggystyle and push out a MASSIVE pile of relatively soft logs (not diarrhoea soft, just a little soft). I show off my dirty ass afterwards, letting you see it really close-up. Then I wipe just once, leaving a big streak of poop coming up from my asshole to the top of my ass crack. Lastly, I show you the big pile of mess, the toilet paper after i’ve wiped and my dirty asshole nice and close-up.

Wixxcountdown With Sexy Santa And Shit

Im a very sexy Santawoman,dominant and instructions are followed!! Make you really horny and then counting of 0 to 10…..if you before the poop injected.there is a with the floor…..come on Looser!!