Spanish Women Use Toilet Slave

Mistress Roberta -watch Me In Bath Day 1

This video is made from few times i went at bathroom during the day and this is day one first is in the morning after just wake up and entering at work online, the second is after staying in bed and the last one a little bit later after i was playing with my subby boyfriend -request

Milf Ellie – Big And Stinky

The next morning Ellie, wearing sexy pink panty, starts teasing and described what she ate. She shows her ass and sticks her finger inside and can see her poo already sticking out a bit. She take that bit of poo and shows it to the camera. Then she place a white plate on the toilet and let out a huge pile of shit onto a plate. She gives a good close-up of the poo while she sit on the toilet letting out a long pee inside the potty. She gives a close-up of her dirty ass and sticks her finger inside. Shows her shitty finger and wipe it clean with a toiletpaper. Then another close-up of her bige pile of shit on the plate.tags: shitting, pissing, big poo, dirtyass, shitty finger, toiletpaper, sweet talk

Prestin, The Shitting Beautie And Friends

Sweet Turds from the most beautiful shit model ever filmed. She and her beautiful girlfriend in scat action!!