Spit Piss Drink

Mistress Kennya And Friend – Pussy Licking And Warm Piss

Today toilet slave had a busy day : he must obey orders from 2 romanian Goddesses. First he submit to a perfect lady, who use his face, mouth, cock and balls for her pleasure, beat him, cbt, and face sitting….Then he must arrive at Mistress Kennya dungeon for a toilet slavery scene. He goes to bathtub, and first receive a cold shower from Goddess, followed by a GOLDEN SHOWER, right from her perfect pussy. Mistress order her toilet to wash his mouth, face and body with her piss and go home like that, with her smell on him !

Total Desperation

Trying to reach my home in a total desperation – my bladder was full to the top – walking down the stairs outside on the way to my house, climbing the stairs in my house….barely holding not to pee in my jeans…reaching the door..where are the keys damnit!!!…unlocking the door and running to the bathroom ..almost there…here I am ..ohh Gosh!…few steps away from the toilet….couldn`t hold it…I let go the pee in my jeans…a river of pee down my legs and feet…so annoyed and mad! taking off my tank, my soaked in pee jeans and panties and taking a hot shower to ease myself after the accident !

Lil Stink’s Home And Away Leaks!!

Here is an unrelased classic from the vaults!! ENjoy a weeks worth of pee clips from Lil Stink at home and at work!! Enjoy as she pushes out a lil more than pee in the finale!!


IcecreamBecause of the heat Mistress Michelle is naturally fancy for some icecream. At a walk across the forest, her slave always a few steps behind as a drudge, she relishes some icecream and gives off something to hsi slave from time to time. Where he might find it?In the meantime Mistress Michelle has to rest and the slave has got the absolute honor to serve as a living chair to Mistress Michelle. Caused by the icecream Mistress Michelle gets the urge to need a crap. Therefor she gets a brilliant idea, and it`s really simple to guess what it is.This movie is no more available in Memberarea!