Spreading Shit On Her Self

Doll Drenched In Piss And Poop! – Part 1

Part 1 – Coming home from school, sweetheart lays eyes on her old doll and immediately grabs it to aid her in her fetish! What she first does is kiss and spit all over it until it is drenched with her saliva! After which, she lays it on the floor where she proceeds to urinate on it while still wearing her uniform!

Online Match Results To Pussy Eating And Public Pooping! – Full Movie

A man has been spending his entire morning looking for a match in a dating website! It doesn’t take long before his efforts bear fruit and a sweetheart is at his doorstep! Immediately, at the hallway of his apartment, he lifts up her shirt and starts sucking her nipples! Shortly after, he pulls up her skirt, takes off her panties, and begins eating her vagina! In the middle of it, the two get caught by a passerby and the lady couldn’t stop herself from accidentally pooping on the floor for being too shocked! After doing so, the guy drags her into his living room where he sits her down on the couch and cleans her asshole using only his tongue! By the time he is done doing so, he pleasures the tight hole by thrusting a dildo back and forth inside to his heart’s content!

Shit As Spring Decorations

Did I ever thought I decorate my room a bit since the spring comes slowly. Did this shitting on a plate and decorated with flower my shit. Now I have a beautiful decoration has not any.