Spy Asian Toilet Poop

Mistress Roberta Face Sitting And Kaviar Feeding

At the beginning, after toilet was used by her friend, Mistress Victoria, toilet slave was used for a nice feet worshipping and face sitting scene then Mistress Roberta use his mouth for defecating in it ! And she can shit a lot of diarrhea, as usually ! She pissing on his body also then she begin feeding him. Mistress Roberta continue the degradation for the toilet, order him to chew her diarrhea and swallow it, meanwhile she enjoy the viewing of her degraded human toilet. NEW !!! Soon FIRST movie with Mistress Luna, while SHE WILL SHITTING AND EXPULSING A FULL ENEMA INTO SLAVE MOUTH !!!

Nasty Piss Sprayer

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Chrystal Invites Part 3

In Part 2 Girls tie the Slave up on the Stairs and start to poop into him one after another, then they clean his Face with a Mobb afterwards. Part 3 is with Diana. English Subtitles