Spy Cam Poop Diarrhea

Swallow My Shit And Shit In My Pussy And Masturbate

I just woke up and my horny pussy was wet.It is the right time to taste the morning shit.After light acrobatics adopt a position on all fours…Glass bowl waiting for my fragrant shit.I push a lot, my ass is opened and climbs pretty tough shit.I’m pushing on again and another shit again.Now I’m going to pee in a glass….I’ll shit in my mouth and I chew and swallow shit.I’ll give a shit into my cunt and I masturbate.My body is covered whole shit and I feel an orgasm is coming….

Bitchy Students Gang Up On New Girl And Makes Her Shit! Part 2

They push her face towards the floor and makes her eat her own shit! Then they make her lie down right on top of the mess so her body will be smeared with scat! They take out a mop, wiped it on the floor, and then wiped the shit-filled rag on the poor girl!

Great Heap In The Potty

I got bored already shit into the toilet. Today I poop in the potty. You need to see this big poop.

Shit / Scat Thru Out The Week, Ebonyscatprincess’ Voyeur Poo Compilation

This oldie but goodie clip is a compilation of my old voyeur poop clips in the bathroom. it shows nothing but different scenes of her shitting thru out the week..and you get to see every last drop come out of that exquisite ass of hers.. she needs a toilet slave ..YOU SHOULD BE THERE