Spy Cam Pooping Toilet

Walmart Shit

I had to shit so bad on my way to Walmart my back was hurting. So first thing I did was go straight to the bathroom when I got there. The bathroom was empty which was not surprising since it was 6 am. I set up my cam, took off my leggings, placed the set cover, then slowly pushed out a moist multi-colored load. Thankfully I had my baby wipes I hate using tissue to wipes my big ass.

Mistress Gaia – A Big Vision

Always down like a worm, that’s your place, relax yourself and enjoy this wonderful view as only your Goddess can do … Open your mouth and get the food that I offer to you!

Shitting In My Tights

‘ve Got an extra put on a pantyhose and reingekackt good for you. Here you can enjoy full top view and the view.