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50 Shades Of Brown. Part 3

Once there was a popular movie – 50 Shades of grey. So we have decided to make our own version without all that not necessary nonsense. Only sex, only shit, only hardcore.It is 50 shades of drown, 50 shades of Shit, 50 shades of filthy and everything you could hardly imagine what can happen between loving couple..Epic, lovely movie with tons of shit from asses, from bags, from everywhere. We love our work, our life, our filming and way we live in almost daily scat sessions. Hope you enjoy our show too.Shit Kisses. Aria.

Tied Lady Covered With Her Feces! – Full Movie

When this woman came home from work, what greeted her is her aroused and naked husband! He doesn’t waste any time! He grabs her, strips off her clothes, and then wraps her body with rope! After which, he lays her on the bed where he proceeds to shave her pussy! When he has rendered her hairless, he begins finger fucking her vagina, leaving her moaning at the top of her lungs! It didn’t take long before he starts using a dildo, further making it hard for her not to cum! Though, because of the overflowing pleasure, she ends up accidentally pooping! Annoyed with the mess that she has made, the guy puts the device aside and then picks up her feces! He then smears it all over her body! Eventually, every inch of her skin is covered with poop!

A Shitty Diaper!

I wore my diaper to work today! It made me so excited knowing it was right there under my little skirt. Every time I moved I could feel it brushing against the insides of my thighs. By the time I got home I was just so desperate to touch myself!I sit down in front of you with my legs up and open and show you my diaper. My pussy is aching to be touched and dripping wet and it sends tingles all over as I rub my hand up and down teasing myself.As I play with myself I begin to feel like I need to pewp. OMG this is so hot. I wanted to fill my diaper with a big mess so bad! So with my legs still open wide in front of you, I begin to push, I can feel it coming! My little diaper is tight and I have to push hard but I manage to get it out.Almost immediately my room fills up with the stinky smell of pewp, but I don’t care, I’m way to excited, I wriggle around on the mess I’ve made in my diaper and carry on masturbating.I can feel my self getting close, and rub harder and faster until I cry out with pleasure as wave after wave floods over me as I cum to an amazing orgasm!

Amateur Housewife With Dirty Shitted Ass

Amateur housewife with dirty shitted ass