Spy Pooping Camera On Beach

My Best Shits 3

It’s that time again, time to bring you all my best shitting scenes together from my Broken Toilet Series.I take only the big shits I take in those videos of mine and put them all together for you in this nice and long 28 minute video :-)From the massive soft & creamy shit I took in my slave’s mouth from Broken Toilet 11 – Job Interview where I played the role of the bitch female interviewer taking advantage of a prospective male employee…. Also included the scene where my ripe & unwashed ass was licked.To the several turds I pushed out in my slave’s mouth in Broken Toilet 12 – Global Warming. That video also included a semi direct feed of sorts as I pushed out the last massive & soft load down my slave’s throat.But it doesn’t end there. I also included the scene from Broken Toilet 13 where I took a gigantic shit in my slave’s mouth. I was living only on take-out food for a few days. My slave got a LOT more than he bargained for in that one, believe me lol It started as a firm turd that changed to a long thick & creamy one that ended in a soft mess. That will make your mouth water for sure.I also bring you a shitting scene from Broken Toilet 14, showing you how I shit into my slave’s mouth every single morning. It was a pretty nasty loose diarrhea bowel movement I had directly in his mouth there while he was busy eating my ass.If you like watching non stop shitting action of a woman shitting into a slave’s mouth without the boring “dialog” and talking parts then this third 28 minute edition of My Best Shits if a must have for your shitting in mouth collection xoxo

Japanese Young Gal Hard Scat 2-6

There is a cute Japanese gal will challenge hard scat play.

The Total Shitloving Slave

What a sexy redhead, and totally into lesbian shitsex! – Watch turds coming into her mouth…

In Line Shitting Part 4

Here the Girls sit on the Furniture and poop and what happens behind them is somebody elses Business Part 4 English Subtitles