Spy Shitt Toilet

Human Toilet Paper – Mp4

Today I caught him my personal slave as she touched things that must NOT touch. I handcuffed and degraded to the point of transforming it into my door toilet papers. And not ‘very lucky’ cause he had to feel closely the fragrance of my terrible diarrhea poop … a lot of springs that serve meters of toilet paper!

Lady M Shitting More In Toilet Mouth

Lady M just made another 2 kinky and dirty movies. Today she shitting on a plate, and shitting also in her toilet slave mouth. She push her foot on his neck and oblige him to chew and swallow her divine shit and she also beat him and humiliate him in the beginning. The slave just eat 2 huge turds at his morning meal today ! A perfect Bizarre Domme !

Voyeur Scat Japanese Women In Shopping Mall 1-3

We succeeded in taking pictures of Japanese women who frown at the shopping mall ‘s toilet.Please enjoy the brown objects coming out from the Japanese women’s anal.

Pee On Car 03

I am so in love with my car! It is my one and only. I will caress my car and I kiss you over and over on the window. I squeeze my tits on the window, and notice how hard my nipples get. I am so in love with my car. I caress you, kiss you rub my ass on you.. Yes you are my big love!BUT! If you ever fail me, betray me or you do not work for me no more, I will break you! I will humiliate you beyond your imagination! I will spit on you with green saliva. I will make you suffer and feel worthless! I will sit on you and just piss all over you! But you are allowed to imagine this is my pussy juices. This is how close you come to pussy juice if you fail me!Imagine you are my car, and dream away!