Squatting Piss In Mouth

Pig On The Floor Part 5

Girls Uses Man

Smeared My Huge Shit On My Pussy

My Boyfriend was working and i was in the kitchen to wash the dishes, hearing some music.My thoughts drifted away and suddenly i got some hot thoughts playing in my Mind.My boyfriend was hours away from the end of the working day. I decided to have some fun alone with myself.The good thing was i needed to poop anyway, so it just was alot of more fun.I put the Camera on and recorded it to this point where i wanted to have a bit more privacy with myself.Some days later my boyfriend told me that he was jerking off to the video i made alone.This made me really horny when he told me that, but thats another story.Have fun watching!Lots of love,LucyScat

My First Solo Scat Smearing

This video i will play and smear shit in my face and breast. Also i taste and eat a little.