Squirt Piss And Shit From Your Gape

Subby Bbw’s Scat Torture. Part 1

Second scat adventure of sub girl Anastasia. She still hates scat andthat’s why allows to humiliate herself in all filthy and rotten way onemind can get to.Maybe one day scat will become her favorite dish, but surely nottoday. or not tomorrow, however she is flattered by the love of scatfans and decides to go on her extreme and filthy journey..So let us present ]second part of incredible adventures of submissivescat slut. This time dirtier, longer and better.Enjoy

Stupid Toilet Slave Is He Eating It Or What Part 1

Girls Uses Man

Relief To Shit

Do you like my shit? Ok…take a look my new clip, how I use the human mouth for natural waste. He loves to eat my smelly nasty shit. This is a crazy insanity.

Full Toilet

The slave licks my ass and I used him like a real toilet. I defecate in his mouth and I fill it completely. He will deprive on a floor with my shit on his face and I smear it, I take off stockings and I thrust them into his throat. Now you are a full-fledged toilet, enjoy your fate!