Squirts Shits

Pantyhose Pee And Poop

I wet my pantyhose and it turned me on so much while playing with my pissy pussy that I decided to shit myself. It felt so good as I rubbed that warm shit into my pussy. Feeling it against my clitty. I was suitable dirty.

Secretary Ami Peeing Her Panties Pantyhose

Curvy Ami is stuck at desk on assignment, wearing white panties & sexy sheer fetish pantyhose with a black seam & bows on the back. She’s squirming in her seats, crossing her thick legs tightly. She finishes her assignment & stumbles to the toilets, grabbing her crotch, but barely sits down before peeing loudly though her panties & pantyhose, sighing loudly in relief! Now she has to dry them off with paper towels & the hair dryer before heading back to work smelling like PEE! She’s mortified and embaressed she couldn’t make it to the toilets & take off her clothing before her pee started leaking out & wetting herself. Cute behind the scenes where she explains just how badly she has to pee!

Laundry Basket

I have been a little sick lately 🙁 but feeling much better now and I have a new clip for you guys! Come watch me take a big shit and piss in my laundry basket 🙂 I then give you a very close up look of my scat and I know you wish you could be sinking your teeth into my delicious goodness right bout now…you naughty boy!!!