Ss Licked Clean After Shitting

Shitting In A Pizza Box

Shitting in a pizza box (JJ000588)

Outdoor Pooping!

She is strolling down the street when her stomach starts to retch. She needs to scat badly but there is no restroom nearby. What the hell, she thinks. I’ll just take a dump right here, eh? So she pulls down her pants and squats on the grass?and out comes the smelliest shit she’s ever dropped! She wipes her anus with tissue and puts her pants back on, as if nothing happened.

Mistress Gaia And Her Super Energetic Complex

CUSTOM REQUESTYou are not capable to masturbate, worm, even by sniffing my shoes or my dirty and sweaty feet or by worshiping my divine body. You are too tired! So you need a good energy drink, rich in minerals and well shaken. I’ll prepare it for you! Then you will have exactly ten seconds to masturbate and enjoy, okay? … 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 0 !!! Did you succeed?

Fast Turd On Glass Table

Pants down, chop-chop shit on the glass table, grabbed camera under the table and off we went .. zackzack