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Poop Eating In The Shower! – Part 2

Part 2 – The sweetheart didn’t consume all her feces, instead, she left some for her man! She then smears it all over his body, from his chest down to his cock! Then, she gets down on her knees and begins sucking his dick! Though, she doesn’t spend much time on it, instead, proceeds to defecate again! This time, she catches it with her hands and then serves it into her mouth! After which, she spit swaps it with the guy before swallowing!

A Mouthful Of Shit For Goodbye

My slave had a big wish to be allowed to worship my ass. I make sure his tongue goes deep inside to clean my ass thoroughly with his toilet tongue. But it is his goodbye. He is leaving, and he is taking the bus for a long ride. So to make sure he does not suffer from dehydration, I make sure to pee a lot in his mouth. Besides he has no chance to clean up, so he will smell of my pee and ass all the way home. After filling him with my pee I want to fart in his face, but look what comes out.. 😉 There is a nice brownie for him to eat again. I make sure he consumes every piece of my brownies, before sitting on the bus for a day or so. He even have the courage to burp beside me, and his burp smells worse than my shit! If he got back home I don’t know, maybe he smelled too much as a toilet and was thrown off the bus in somewhere in Europe?

Wixxcountdown With Sexy Santa And Shit

Im a very sexy Santawoman,dominant and instructions are followed!! Make you really horny and then counting of 0 to 10…..if you before the poop injected.there is a with the floor…..come on Looser!!

What Do You Mean By Human Toilet Part 2

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