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Two Goddeses Use Their Toillet Hd (part 2)

The continuation of video from two beautifull goddesses. I spend the toilet session for my slave. Mistress Alexandra first shit into the slave mouth and commands the slave to lick her dirty ass hole cleanly. Deep inside with tongue… mmm… Are you lucky slave? Do you want more of our delicious shit? Shat up, bitch! I know the answer. You are the toilet and will always be used for the intended purpose. Enjoy your lot…

Goddess Andreea – Scat Feeding And Playing

Goddess Andreea playing more with her toilet and this time she want to have her asshole worshipped before she use her slave mouth. She undress and remain in her pantyhose and order her slave to sniff and lick her hose. She love to feel slave tongue on her boots and body and she use them daily ! She shitting in his open wide mouth then she play for 5 minutes with her shit on slave body, mouth and face, feeding him with gloves.

Sitting On My Chair!

It’s early in the morning and I just woke up, time to poop! LOL I don’t have to go right away though…so I sit there and tease you for about a minute before sitting down to take a big shit and watch it fall right on the floor!

You Love My Shit

You love everything about my nasty turds… You wanna smell it, feel it, taste it, gobble it up! Mmm you cant stop thinking about my sweet shit..