St And Ing Up Pee Amateur

Severe Constipation And Struggle Pushing Shit Really Hard

This scene was shot a few months ago and it was one of the worst poop that I had. It was hard as rock and very large. You can see me struggle, suffer, push really hard and moan. My thigh little butthole gets really large but I still can’t get this rock hard shit out of my body. Sometimes I was using my fingers to help. At times I thought that this would never end and my poop would remain forever in my asshole! It was almost like giving birth! My friend was sitting on a chair watching me all that time and he was really sorry for me. He had never seen hard shit like this before. He wanted me to go to the doctor. At the end of the clip I say some words in French: “Have you seen the width of this?? All that struggle only for this?” ***This is the SD/MOBILE Version of the clip. You can also find the HD version of the clip in my store.***

Mary Jane’s Diarrhea Blunder!!

Mary Jane had a SERIOUS accident!!! On her way to filming a custom for a fan, she couldn’t hold it any longer and made a mess of herself in the process!!! Enjoy as she shows the messy aftermath!!! She had nasty poop all over her ass and asshole! And the runny mess in her panties??? Sheeesh!!! But rather than waste some perfectly soiled panties, she shipped them off to one lucky fan instead!!! Do you want her next load????

A Session With Rieke 2

A Session with Rieke Part 2