Stephanie Kane Cuckoldfart


Margo is naughty running long shit in the bathroom!

User Kv Bottling Shit Next

Oh you jeh .. actually the opening of the glass was still big enough .. grrr But that went out with such pressure … I’ve really crapped the first kringle next .. annoying .. Well, there is always loss, or :-)? In the end though it all again darfste look closely.

Cheese Puff And Shit Dip

Yes, you read the title right. This clip has me standing over a plate full of flaming hot cheese curls. I decide to add some ‘dip’ to the plate, straight from my ass. There are several angles of the action including a really close up POV shot of my asshole while I push out the all over the plate. If you’re nasty, you know I’m talking to you when I tell you to clean the plate and drink my piss to wash it down. Don’t order this if you are not prepared for it.