Stick In Pee Hole

Used As Toilet

I really have to go to the toilet. Whats better to use for that need than a slave? I sit on the chair and look pretty bored while peeing, just the way I’d look if I would sit on the toilet. Who cares if there s a slave lying under me? If a pretty girl wants to pee her sub has to obey. Suddenly I realize that I also have to poop. I spit in his mouth and put the poop in. I want him to swallow it! Afterwards I pull my slip down throw it at my toilet and spit on him. I walk away and leave him all dirty and used.

Public Shits And Misses!!

We still have a little trouble with our aim in public!! Enjoy as We go take shits in a public toilet at the Library. Dumping Darling goes first. She lets off a runny shit in the bowl reverse Kanga Style. Then I pass the Camera to her and proceed to piss and shit all over the toilet seat and floor!! Another great Public Mess from the best two at it!! Plenty of Shits, and Even more Misses Indeed!!!

Extremely Close,four Very Long Shit Sausages

So extremely close,you see my Rosette and then comes four very long soft sausages!!Perfect for your slave mouth!!Come lick the rest shit from my Rosette!!

Girl With Nice Boobs Puking In The Box

Girl with nice boobs puking in the box