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Scatqueens Scat Pig P2

Now the toilet slave is allowed to go to his knees and gets the shit served by Scatqueen’s Lady Domi. She feeds him first. Then he has to shove the shit into his pig’s mouth. He is humiliated and spit in his face. Somehow, the slave has problems and almost puke. The Syatqueens laugh.

Eat My Shit Dinner

This time I wear red tights and also black panties. I show you my great ass and how much I can birth a HUGE shit for you, little bitch. My shit are very smelly. In addition, you will get my piss and spit. It’s all yours. Bon appetit!

Honey Brown’s Cumming And Going At The Same Time!!

Honey Brown brings one of the longest and SEXIEST clips seen on Ladies Keeping it Funky!! As requested by a fan (and me too, lol) she was feeling a little freaky and a little gassy at the same time!! Feeling like she had to take a dump, enjoy as she takes the camera into the bathroom. She was a little constipated, so she decided to dispose time playing with herself!! Enjoy as she fingers her pussy, then brings out her vibrator to assist. Then enjoy as she starts fingering her asshole and plays with her pussy at the same time!! After a good 40 minutes of fingering, fingerfucking enjoy as she finally gets relief – in more ways than one!! She finally squeezes a log out and also finally gets that orgasm she was looking for!! THis clip is LOADED WITH ACTION!! Masturbation, peeing, and even some Ploppage!! One of the hottest clips I’ve seen!!!