Stoking Pump And Piss

Queen Sylvy’s Painful Morning Plops!!

I’m growing to love Morning coffee with Queen Sylvy!! Enjoy Two new FUNKY clips as Sylvy takes us in the bathroom to handle her morning business before work!! She was a little clogged up, but her cig and coffee seems to losen her up a tad. In the Second scene the next morning She drops a barrage of heavy plops and pee. Enjoy as she mixes up angles in the clips as well. She must have been holding it in all night!! She had a bad case of the cramps and boy is it fun to watch!! I also really love all her grunting and straining while dropping Bombs like Saddam!!

Swallow My Liquid Shit

I left for few days and my slave smell my odor, of course, and very missed his Mistress. But now, when I came – is time to eat something tastier. I cant hold my huge liquid shit any longer so he has to open his mouth wide open because I can feel that it’s going to be huge! Hot, smelly, nasty diarrhea! Oh yes! And my ass is still wide open so I command him to stick his tongue deep inside my asshole and tongue fuck it. Oh it feels so damn good!

Francesca’s Smokin And Stankin!!

Francesca is back with two great clips for one low price!! Enjoy as she adds a new spin to “wake n bake” in the first clip! Enjoy as she enjoys a nice smoke while dropping some serious logs in the first scene!! It’s priceless watching her Strain and exhale at the same time!! Looks like some Mcdonald’s fucked her stomach up!! Enjoy as she struggles to push out two painful logs. In the second scene enjoy as she poots pees and poops some more. Two great clips and great action and commentary!