Stre Pee Nude Humiliated Forced

Soshi’s Dry Heaving Delight

Soshi had a hard time with her turd these past few days, unable to get most of it out. When she took some fiber, her belly rumbled hard and she just had to run to the toilet to get it out – finally. She felt a stinging pain as her anus opened up wider than it is used to. Her shit, brown and dark green in color, smelled acrid and awful – several days worth of turd piled and compacted into a large log twice the size of a sausage. The tip was so dry that it forked upward immediately when she pushed it out, nearly touching the tender skin of her anus. With her eyes tearing up slightly, she gives another push and farts, warming her own ass from the rancid air. The turd continued to squeak against the wall of her rectum and anus with authority, until the first several inches landed loudly on the ceramic toilet. The second section was more forgiving, but hurt her butthole too, because it was just so thick.

Diarrhea Outdoor

I ate something spoiled and now my stomach twists. I like to use my toilet outdoors. Especially when there are no way to endure and want to be relieved from the shit. I have a lot of shit, I feel a huge release, as if a few pounds of shit come out of my ass. It’s all yours, loser! You will also see how I thrust the gherkins and grapes into my ass. Do you want to lick my ass? Really? Yes, it’s your duty, my toilet.

Tasting Shit Stew! – Part 1

She takes an enema up her ass to be able to produce enough scat for her needs! She mixes it with her home cooked stew and tastes it herself so ensure the quality of the taste! Yum!

Crazy Scat Dinner

Lady Amira makes a huge turd and her slave has to eat all of it. (with subtitel)