Striptease Poops

Asako Up-close

An intimate view of a huge poop!

Mistress Roberta – Diarrhea Main Course-pov

Today slave the main course is diarrhea a little bit of pee too but mostly diarea like a soup served directly in the toilet fresh from my ass and pussy, enjoy!

Pink Ripped Pantyhose For Slave And Godess

My Godess want to have fun today and she order me to dress like her in a pari of ripped pink pantyhose to look like a whore. She excite me with her gorgeous body before making me her daily toilet mouth, only good for drinking her piss and eating her shitty diarrhea. She facesitiing me, suffocate me with her ass, and pissing through pink hose. At the end, she put her round ass to the camera and sitting on my face and mouth and release a huge shit in her pantyhose, bouncing with her shit in my face. With a dirty face, i cannot do anything than chew her diarrhea and swallow beeing encased in her pink pantyhose and with her mouth pushed deep into my mouth at the end !!!

Althea’s Overhead Plops!!

Althea is back!! after having a baby, Althea Has returned! Enjoy this great return clip! She drops a load overhead above the toilet. Man Have I missed this Funky lady!! She has some great runny clips in the past and even began this one with a quick case of bubbleguts before switching to the overhead angle! I also really love the noise she makes as she grunts, plops, and strains!!