Strong Spraying Pee

Double Toilet

I have two thirsty slaves begging for my sweet fluids, so why not make sure they both are given fluids? I have them lie on the floor, and piss in their open mouth. When I am done they have missed a lot, so I have them lick the rest from the floor.

Mistress Roberta -socks, Shit And Enema For My Pot-full

Today my pot will be filled with dirty socks and sweat and smells, perfect for my dirty, lazy slave before anything else so first i order my slave to worship my dirty socks and after a while i remove one sock from one foot and put it on the slaves cock while my bre foot goes in his mouth to be cleaned .I start to pee on his chest and after i poop in his mouth but the shit is so strong it wont come out on his own so i go to the bathroom to put some water in my ass to clean it well on my pot after i finish cleaning my ass i take all the shit pieces and the wipeing paper and the sock cand shove them in his mouth and order to him to eat all and give him the latex glove i used to stroke his cock while eating, enjoy.

Abkacken From The Edge Of The Bathtub

ui was the cold 🙂 But that did not make me the shit held .. watch as I shit on you. Will I meet the camera .. with my shit? You’ll see it 🙂

Pantyhose Piss For 3 Slaves

Princess Nikki piss on her 3 slaves through her sexy pantyhose