Strugglin Pee

New Beautiful Messalina 2 Bottom View

Scat domination full toilet slavery

Mistress Roberta – Another Tricky Day For My Chastity Slave Part2

Next i pee in the condom trough the pantyhose and gave him the pee cock to suck after i tell him to lick clean my feet of the pee that was on it and i tell him to bring the potty chair so i can poop in the pantyhose but meanwhile i will fart some more in his face.

The Struggle Is Real

It’s one of those days. Hard to wake up and even harder to get up. So I’m tossing and turning, trying to get my lazy ass out of the bed…I make it to the edge of the bed, but I just can’t do it. it’s a struggle today. I lay back down but then eventually my bladder gets the best of me. It’s screaming at me to get up and go to the toilet but I decide it’s just not worth it, so I throw back the covers and spread my legs and just let that wonderful hot wetness flow. Once my ass is floating in pee I get some more relief and push out one huge, wet, nasty fart. Oh my, now that I’ve gotten that out of the way…I roll over and go back to sleep!