Student Piss Punishment

Flight Attendants Nasty Habits!

Up in the friendly skies, the pilot is the boss. Everyone answers to him, especially these three hot flight attendants. On ground, it’s the other way around. Pilot relinquishes his boss status and becomes the slave of these hot chicks! Right there at the lounge, these nasty beauties take turns squatting on his face so they can pee all over him. They use a whip to make him obey just the way they want it. They take turns spoon-feeding him shit they gathered at the plane and he eats it just like gourmet dessert! Yum!

Making A Poo Sandwich!

One of my slaves wanted a poo sandwich shipped to him so he could indulge in my awesome shit! So I obliged and thought I would share it with you guys. I first pooped into a container while I was at work and then saved it until I got home then made an awesome sandwich, telling him everything I ate for the past 2 days as I held my poo for his delicious treat!

Poop And Pee To Take Away

Melissa prepares a box of pee and poop to take away for her slave who has not arrived in time for lunch.