Suck Piss In Mouth

Drink My Pee And Kiss My Dirty Panty

My toilet slave drank my pee and kissed my dirty panty. He swallowed almost erverything.

Slave Shit Eat Task

Goddess is pooping an peeing on slave,ordering to eat farts,shit and drink fresh pee.She uses you like her toilet paper to clean her asshole.

Desperate Splatter Diarrhea After Girl’s Night

I had lots of fun going out for girl’s night but I’m not sure trying experimental drink trends was the best idea! ————————————Still done up for my night, I stop by my apartment to find the toilet is broken and I have to wait for the repairman. I start to feel my tummy rumble from the food and drink and don’t think I can hold it until the bathroom is fixed. ——————————————–I scramble to find something to shit in or on and then it sputters out of me – I include a close-up replay of the sputtering shitting and how it got everywhere – I missed in my hurry! —————————————-Watch the explosive  ? ! results of my night and enjoy the aftermath. 

Melanie Shits Right On Her Boyfriends Chest

Melanie shits right on her boyfriends chest