Sucking Dick While Pooping

Dirty Sweet Smearing Dreams

First part: I’m in a shop and I want to buy something for you because when I come home I want to play in a very dirty way … but I want to tell you more … the diarrhea that I have in my belly in this period it’s very painful and super stinky… it will be the change of season or I must to stop to eating junk food… I know you are a very extreme pervert boy and you like to see me play with my soft shit, right? Here we are in the store is quite crowded… I see something I can buy … you know what’s wrong in my brain? And if people knew that while I’m here, I want to eat my shit, what would they think of me? Will this black body be able to pull out all my extreme side? — Second part: I’m home and I’m waiting for you to undress and wear my black sexy body. I put on some lipstick and I’m ready to play … then my lipstick ends inside in my asshole … mmm … I push and a great jet of diarrhea comes out of my ass … it’s fantastic .. I smearing some stinky diarrhea on the lips and feet … would you like to lick my feet like that? Then I take the camera closer to my pussy and start spreading the diarrhea on the clitoris .. until coming with my glass dildo in a fantastic orgasm … then I push again … some pieces of diarrhea come down … Waw!

Cori’s Home And Public Grunts, Plops, And Straining!!

Enjoy Two new FUNKY clips from my favorite PAWG!! Enjoy as she shows you that sexy shithole of hers before proceeding to take a nice gassy dump in the first scene. Then enjoy another one where she takes a nice shit break while at work. Great facial expressions as she strains out some nice plops and splashes in the bowl!! Two great quick clips !!

Horny Close Up On The Toilet When Shit And Piss

First I piss in the bowl and then I press a hard sausage out of my tight asshole. What a waste that it falls into the toilet 😉

Nice Shitting In The Sink

Come sweet I’ll show you how beautiful I talk shit in my sink looks and how thin my morning fresh sausage.