Sucking With Shit

White Outfit Smear

I just woke up with the urge to poop. I didn’t have time to take anything off. All I have on is my white socks, white thong, and white cami. I had to poop so badly though, so everything had to stay on. Watch how quickly the white turns to brown ?

Mistress Roberta – Fast Breakfast – Pov

Today slave you have an super fast breakfast and this means you will be able to eat and enjoy your breakfast faster so the shit will be fresh and warm not just tasty and smelly so get on your kneese get low with your head and start eating your delicious breakfast i did for you .

Scat Comparison!

My scat is better than yours, she tells the other chick. There’s one way to find out, says the other chick. So they squat on the fancy floor and ejects the best scat they can produce on the spot. They pick the scat from the floor and compare them for smell and consistency. They turn to you and make you decide who has the best scat in the room.