Suicide Dump Shit

Francesca’s Sharts And Sludge!!!

Francesca’s Back with an “Eeewww”!! clip! Actually make that two. “Eeew” is a classic Francesca reaction to her often Nasty blasts.. SHe begins the first scene sitting reverse kanga on the bowl. She pees before releasing some sharty worm logs onto the floor. The rumble in her tummy wasn’t finished at that point, so she went into the bathtub to unleash some more!! Enjoy as she spreads that big bubblebutt to push out her wet, nasty load!!! Another FUNKY treat from Francesca!!

Mistress Roberta – Diarrhea In Black Panties-pov

Today all i am wearing is the spiky leather jacket top and panties so i decided to poop inside my panties but the poop came out on the sides being an soft diarrhea smearing the part of my ass inside all with shit for you to lick clean and after the panties are waiting for you and the pieces on the floor, enjoy.

Melissa?s Home And Public Werk!!

Melissa is back with Four New Clips!! Nothing more exciting than watching this chocolate jewel slide out of her tight pants and plop that big juicy ass on the bowl!! Enjoy as she lets of her usually impressive logs for the fire burning in your pants!! Melissa has very few rivals ? and the ones she has are on this site anyways!! Enjoy as she does her usual routine, while giving your the privelige of watching!!

Big Shit Deep Throat

I am very kinky whore who loves her shit. You will see a big shit deep throat,I’ll eat my big shit