Surprise Just Shit

Goodness Grace’s Overhead And Below Bombs

Goodness Grace Keeps playing with the angles!! I love this girl. Each clip is something different each time!!! Enjoy as she pops a squat above the toilet and gives us the aerial view as she drops bombs in the bowl!! Enjoy the overhead angle as each log slides out her ass!! you can see some turtling even as well!! Then in the second enjoy as she grunts and strains on the toilet before unloading another nice pile right in front the camera!! Enjoy as she makes it reign from right out her poop shoot!! Two great ploptastic clips combined!!

Scat For My Darling

Someone wanted to taste my scat and who am I to deny him it?

Mistress Gaia Pov Home Scat

The privacy of your home bathroom is truly unmatched. I want to share with you, my toilet slave. How do you envy my cup of water, admit it! Contemplates the spectacle, kneel and beg me to let you taste my shit in the privacy of my home..

My Mouth Cunt As Toilet Uses 2

My friend is back and has been so naughty my mouth cunt again simply as a toilet benutzt.Ich had to put my head on the toilet so he could piss me nicely into my mouth.