Swallo My Piss

I Wear A Diaper And Take Off My Mask

This video is my little experiment. I have never tried to shit in the diaper) In this video I will do it. I will put shit on a full diaper, I push shit on my full pussy, I will put on a diaper and through a hole in the diaper I will fuck myself with a dildo. Then I eat all the shit out of my diaper !!!At the end of the video, a surprise awaits you … I’ll take off my mask)))

Undor Slave Breakfast

Mistress Skatya Kommand makes breakfast for her plastic doll slave Undor.

My Foot Pampering With Shit

Shit can also be good for the feet, and so I have spoiled him so

Mistress Rayvens Shit Eater 720p

Mistress Rayvens boy eats her waste straight from her juicy ass.