Swallow Own Piss

Megumi’s Dog Shit Pile!

Megumi may look like an innocent lady, but she shits like a proper trucker. When she sat on the toilet, her tiny, yummy anus looked like it was going to extrude the shiest of shits. But when her anus expands and balloons to twice its size, you know that you are going to get a good pile of turd. The small hole opened up so much that a small puppy would fit in it. The dry turd’s tip escaped easily, bringing with it a quiet series of farts that smelled acrid, with a mix of cola and peanuts. The dark color of her turd is endless guzzling of sodas. The sticky sausage dropped loudly with a plonk, followed the hissing of the rest of the sticky shit as it passed the rim of Megumi’s anus. The sausages folded and compressed against each other several times, until the piles is already more than two inches high. Your dinner should always be something like Megumi’s dog shit pile.

Mistressanna – Brownie Dinner And Bonus Video

Imagine that you are my slave and I have decided to serve you dinner. You get to see my face as I tell you what I have in store for you, the perfect symbol of my contempt for you, served on a platter. You get to see the smile I will have on my face as I serve your “dinner” and the complete lack of compassion I will have as I watch you eat it. This is a two for one video and so you get to see me serve you another meal. This time it will be smoother and creamier so you will have to get your face completely in the plate and suck it down your own throat. I am wearing my sharpest high heels just in case you need extra encouragement to be MY TOILET!



Lucky Slave

One of my domestic livestock has to make the great fortune to keep my girlfriends Sweetbaby, Miss Cherrie, Miss Jane and me company.Of course, just we have fun and let the loser dance to our tune. Various tasks such as massaging feet, feet licking, serve as a carpet, are among its functions such as the ground with his tongue.And finally, to swallow the piss of Miss Cherrie, Miss Jane and me. Also he was allowed to leave shit by Jane in the face. If the time was not a happy day for a slave * Smile *.