Swallow Piss Wrapped

Nude In Public! 2 Times Extreme Public Pissing In Front Of Spectators At A Rest Stop!

Here you can see how I first, totally slutty, run around in a rest area, on which a lot of people were to make a rest there. There I sat down on a bench and pissed off in a high arc. See how people, in disbelief, looked. Then I, undressed me there at the rest stop naked and walked around there. Since I had to pee again I went naked to the men’s loo and pissed there on the floor. After that, I went to my car naked at the baffled people! And that despite numerous passers-by and drivers! So real Nude goes in Public!

Mistress Gaia – Scat For Breakfast

ITALIAN SPOKENToday I want you to be my scat slut. Your going to behave, and open that mouth of yours nice and wide for me. Your completely encased, and can’t escape. So I’m going to have great fun using you as my toilet slave. When I’m finished feeding you my shit. Your going to wash it down with a bowl full of my necter piss. Then your going to lick my beautiful ass until its spotlessly clean. Your such a lucky slut, being allowed so close to to your mistress. I’m considering making this a regular breakfast treat for you. Your going to eat, and enjoy, my shit and piss every day. Yummy…

The Shitting Tramper Girls

Fantastic scenes with Jasemine and Candy, 2 girls that are riding from the american west coast to the american east cost and get some travelling money by doing a big poop shooting. Her shit is excellent…

9 Lunches For 9, 9 Dinners For 1, Poor Toilet Slave Part 8

The Goal is, tying up the Slave, against his will or not and make him fit our Needs. Perfect Foot Cleaner to break his Will and then swallow all the Poop with the powerfull Mouth Opener without Leftovers. We did reach that Goal ! Part 8 Gabi. English Subtitles