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Sometimes nature calls – and not when you want it to!! Be it in public, or a friends house, or at a relatives, Diva Staxxx is back with three adventurous clips!! Enjoy in the first clip as she is at a male friend’s house when she gets the urge to blow up his toilet – only problem is the toilet is in the worst corner possible!!! Nowhere near convenient for her to sit – let alone record!! Luckily Staxxx is a pro – and she makes it an entertaining clip!! LMAO I have NEVER seen a toilet in such an awful place in a bathroom. You literally have to sit sideways on the toilet!! Then she returns to a familiar toilet to put the camera on the floor and get a nice shot of her load coming out that chocolate ass. In the finale she is desperate to shit at her friend’s house, but finds it not possible in her visitors toilet as she had no lights in it!! She then has to rush to the bedroom toilet to blow that up instead!! Staxxx was truly blowing up everyone’s toilet!!

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