Swallow Sperm Cat Pee

Shit For Your Breakfast

Desired morning treat for the toilet slave. Today I was very generous and fed my slave with my delicacies. Today I had a banana and a yogurt for breakfast. The slave was very excited, watching me eat. He wanted to eat my breakfast again, but already out of my ass. The shit came right in his mouth and the slave did not remain hungry. I filled the slave’s mouth to the limit.

Record Martina Queen Waste Every Day

Goddess martina toilet every morning crapping can use camera to record down, every day of your life. Want slaves look in front of camera.

Part One Of Bunny Goes Poopy

I am wearing bunny ears, a pink bow tie, and gray top, with pants. Oh yeah did I forget to tell you that I have a cute little white cotton tail hanging off of my butt?! LOL! My face paint resembles a cute bunny.I am dancing to the music and having a nice time. I shake my boobies in your face.Then I unzip my pants and slowly peel them off my voluptuous hips. You see my hairy bush. I bend over while holding the cotton tail between my butt cheeks.Then I bend over and the poop starts to fall from my butthole. Once there is a nice a pile on the floor I begin to play with it. I even smear the shit on the white tile floor with my titties.I continue to smear the poop on my ass and face.