T Toilet Slave First Day Om Job

100% Handmade! Multifunctional Toilet Slave!

100% handmade! Multifunctional toilet slave! Girls do not like to dirty their hands when they visit the toilet, they do not want to smell their shit and see it. Today the girls said – you have to do all the work yourself, our shit is your concern!First, the girls ordered the slave to take off his pants and show his little dick. Girls are very amused by the size of the toilet slave’s penis – they have never seen a penis of that size and it is funny to them that people live with such small things and even have sex. For girls, he is not a male person, he is a toilet designed for the most delicate women’s affairs. At first, girls dominate and kick a slave in the balls, and then use him for the dirtiest women’s affairs ..

Scat Spa Therapy

This beautiful lady attends a spa with a difference. Her body massaged and cleansed with freshly defecated scat which is massaged deeply into her skin. To enhance the positive effects of the scat on her skin, once she is fully covered in sweet scat, wrap is used to wrap her body containing the scat firmly against her skin enhancing its long term effects on her skin! Lucky girl! 🙂

The First Time Shit Standing Up

Had I known that it is so exhausting, I would have left it ^ ^ shit is really standing in the difficult, but it is something completely different 😉 Watch me …

Great Food, Fresh Piss In The Morning

The first way this morning did not go to the loo but straight to the kitchen to fill me a nice glass of piss on it because I really thirst hatte.Trinke because it also made ​​nice and let you off you get nothing übrig.Vielleicht yes a glass of piss when you are great.