From My Asshole, Slave In Doggy Style, Milk Caviar Cocktail Shot In The Mouth!

And goes on the training of one of my toilet slaves. Here the slave, had dairy pumps in my asshole until my gut was full to the brim. Then he had to position itself behind my asshole while I shot in Doggysytle, the milk mixed with shit pieces from my rosette, in his mouth. He previously had put a plate under my ass, nothing was lost. The shit and the Anal-milk which has not landed in his mouth, but in the dish, he must still eat and swallow and lick the plate clean!

From My Asshole, Slave In Doggy Style, Milk Caviar Cocktail Shot In The Mouth!

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I Enema , It’s My Toilet And My Pork Slave

Girl 19 years , very pretty and my pork slave of 45 yearsI empty my enema on his faceI shit, a lot of shit, then with the toilet brushI spread it on his face hihihihihihiI order him to eat my shit, and push the brushhe swallows my caviar hihihihihihihhis whole face is dirty with my good shitthe shit stinks in the cubeit’s my toilet Hihihihihihithis pig loves my shit he regalesit’s a beautiful video

I Enema , It's My Toilet And My Pork Slave

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Caviar Breakfast For The Slave

My slave has the honor to be invited by me for breakfast. There is fresh golden shower and finest caviar from source. As the seizure pulls his mouth greedy, so no drop and bite goes wrong. And because it makes him so horny, I allow the pig to jerk his cock until he squirts.

Caviar Breakfast For The Slave

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Fucking The Peeping Tom

Fisting Of My New Slave And Gastronomic Meal Of Caviar& Champagne By Mistress Antonella

Fisting of my slave and gastronomic meal of Caviar & Champagne by Mistress AntonellaMistress Antonella plays with the ass of her slave, and, after sniff, she fists him, then she fucks him with an huge strap-on. To reward him, she offers him Caviar and Champagne directly from her to his mouth. She authorizes him to masturbated himself to offer his milk to her Mistress…


We’ve been playing with our KV all along and the camera is on but unfortunately it was not so we just turned the camera on and continued

Miranda First Time

Miranda has Trouble believing, somebody would eat her Poop, but at the End, she is willing to poop into this Guys Mouth with english Subtitles

Anal With That Has To Shit

Human Toilet

This bitch gets two glasses of my delicious “champagne” and some “caviar”. He can’t stop jerking off. Are you fancy ?

Erica’s Extra Dirty Martini

Erica is at it again! Mixing up her latest concoction, an Extra Dirty Martini. What makes this so dirty well take a peek and see.

Mistress Looks Down On Scat Slave Part 6 Nataly

Here the Girls got a Hold on there Slave and immidiately throw him down to feed him with there Poop. English Subtitles

Lesbian Beautiful Scatgirls 2

2 more extremely beautiful girls shitting on each other, eating each others shit, kissing, loving, etc.

Shit Eating Exibithionist

Daddy Instruction Smear

Daddy wanted to watch me smear my poo so I did a little show for him. He told me where he wanted me to cover myself and I listened like a good princess. Started at my thighs, to around my pussy, to my stomach, and my butt. He loves it when I play with my stinky poop.

Both Are Peeing

Both are peeing (JJ000575)

1 Video With My Shit Chair

A new toy has moved 🙂 A very old wood shit chair:-) Today I have for the first time sat in it and shit. Of course I did recorded on a video 🙂 Hope you like it!

Milk Or Dark Chocolate Rather In Caviar?

I got lots of extra chocolate, so my sausage lover gets something very special. Two thick solid portions of chocolate caviar. Whether they are probably really cute?

Russian Girl Fart And Poop

Caviar Express Delivery!


Hot Shit In Your Mouth

I want you eat my ass hole. I am very demanding. Slave kept fighting me so I pried his mouth open again and put all my shit in his mouth. Do it I said! He hesitantly started slowly sucking my shit. I could now feel the shit slowly sliding down my rectum. I could feel the shit sliding down it was almost ready to come out. Then the shit started to come out. It slid out of my ass hole and I could feel it going into his mouth. He was gagging but I continued. I could smell how horrible my shit was but he kept on it. Swallow my shit!

Drink My Pee Slave

I love to pee in my slave’s mouth… And of course he must swallow it all!

Log Eater 1080p

New feeder Mistress Raw Desires saw our vids and contacted us wanting to feed the toilet a hot meal out of her ebony ass. This dominant shit goddess humiliates the toilet pig and makes him eat a fat nasty long log out of her juicy ass. The toilet pig gobbles down her grade A shit and uses his tongue to clean her up after his meal. Will be available in 1080p HD 720p HD WMV, and Iphone/Ipod formats.

Shit Cat Eating Eats

Caviar Savings Clip! 12 Times Shit Including Pissing!

Here I have put together for you a KV as well as NS savings clip where you see only the horny shit scenes from my last Kavair full movies, including the horny Piss scenes! And this from my nasty Schoki-FullMovies: 1.:For the first time shit eaten! Rosellas slave test! 2.: Mega diarrhea-shit for the slave`s mouth! 3.: Horny public pissing and shitting on a viewing platform in Italy! 4.: Slaves in doggy style in his mouth, farting, shitting and pissing! And 5.: Mega-XXL-Public shit and piss in Tyrol!

Mistress Roberta – Daily Breakfast – Pov

Today I am preparing you the daily breakfast as always even if you are there or not i am doing the breakfast and you will come to take it anytime so first i pee in the jar and after i shit on the floor at the end the wiping paper all set and they are waiting for you .

Public Shits And Misses!!

We still have a little trouble with our aim in public!! Enjoy as We go take shits in a public toilet at the Library. Dumping Darling goes first. She lets off a runny shit in the bowl reverse Kanga Style. Then I pass the Camera to her and proceed to piss and shit all over the toilet seat and floor!! Another great Public Mess from the best two at it!! Plenty of Shits, and Even more Misses Indeed!!!

Hot Girl Covered In Shit

Stupid Toilet Slave Is He Eating It Or What Part 2

Girls Uses Man

Disgusting Cave

I sit with speculum in my pussy on a gynochair and must urgently pee. My pseudo-doctoress does not like this and offends me badly.

Mistress Roberta’ Breakfast Is Served -pov

Today your tasty breakfast is served and you will be happy to see that i pee alot so you wont be thirsty and i did a nice looking seeds shit creamy and tasty looking like the caviar of all shits so get on your kneese and drink and eat the tasty breakfast i did for you licking the shit slowly so you can have it for longer .

Ms D’s New Log-out!!

Ms D Checks back with two great new clips!!! Enjoy as she plops that big amazon ass down the expunge some nice phat logs in two great clips!!! Enjoy the sounds of her neighbors coming and going as well!! Ms D always delivers the goods!! She was really Logging Out in these clips!!! Phat Clips from a phat ass indeed!! Enjoy as she spreads nice and wide to Show all that winking eye action!!!

Fingering Licking And Sniffing Own Shitty Ass

Scatfire! Part 3

Hello people. this is Aria and I want you to meet incredible Sandy. She is pure, natural born scatlover with twisted mind and imaginations. Everything what she does and loves goes directly from her heart and deepest, most filthy corners of her mind. She is practicing scat games for 5 years already but never did it on camera but this time she agreed to show this twisted side of her to public. However she is more lesbian than hetero or bisexual but her girlfriend at the moment doubts if to take part in this scat games. So, let’s show her that there is no doubts about this and public will love both of them.Incredible video, fire in its pure condition. Scat Fire.

My Teenage Maid, Kv-teen, Had To Shit In A Bowl And Make A Slave Meal!

When my teenage maid, KV-Teen, had to shit, I led her naked and with a leash on all fours to a bowl. Into this, my little caviar princess had to shit and make a slave meal for one of my toilet slaves. My little maid then squatted with her sweet ass and asshole over the bowl and shit a huge portion, delicious teen shit, in the bowl. The bowl was then full to the top with their delicious shit. Well that will definitely taste good to the toilet slave and he will not be hungry after that, even for a longer time, with the portion! Well, you also want to taste their delicious shit!?!

New Diarrhea Meal For Her Toilets

Again toilets were busy today, Godess use a bowl for delivering a new diarrhea meal for them in a sexy crotchless panty !

Thick Chocolate Sausage

A hard sausage hard for my Wurstliebhaber..schööön