Eat My Shit! Bitch!

And the next shit-toilet slave serving me like a living toilet. The slave was ready, his mouth wide open, lying on the floor. That he had everything that was in his mouth, and he could see my horny ass as he sang. What the slave did not know was that I had diarrhea. And that’s why I snatched from him a real huge Shit-Storm in my mouth. Beautifully soft, I pushed him a huge diaper bandage into his toilet.

Eat My Shit! Bitch!

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Granny Pissing Diaper

Roommates Eating Pussy And Urinating In Each Other’s Mouth! – Part 5

When the ladies could no longer release anymore, they proceed to finger fuck each other’s vagina! It didn’t take long before they get satisfied and perform their finale which is intimately kissing and nipple sucking for the last time!

Admire To My Thick Smelly Shit. It’s Your Last Opportunity!

I know you want me, bitch. But you will never get a chance of such a case, because you are a loser and your destiny to be my toilet. You really like it and it’s your fate. See how I fill your plate with my shit. Look, it’s really big! This is your meal. And it smells delicious! Taste is good, believe me. Open mouth and chew, chew, chew…

Best Gift! Giant Shit In The Mouth!

Like any creature, the toilet slave needs constant care and encouragement. Although I am extremely lenient. Today he had to swallow giant shit that I fed him right in the mouth from my big ass. I smeared shit on my ass and command him to lick my asshole. Clean it with his tongue. I also put pieces of shit on top of his face from above and laughed looking at his mug. Look what kind of toilet I have. Is not it very nice. Ha-ha

En Farting In Diapers Porno

Ultimate Piss Punishment: Two Women Versus An Old Man! – Part 1

Upon opening the door, the unsuspecting victim is greeted by the sight of two schoolgirls, both of whom waste no time and rush inside! Before he could stop them out, one of the culprits grabs a glass and fills it with her very own piss! When it is full to the rim, she hands it over to the guy and make him gulp down every drop of it! By the time he is finished, an apparatus is immediately attached on his mouth, rendering it stretched wide open! They then lay him on the floor and take turns pissing inside the gaping hole, causing him to swallow mouthful after mouthful!

Huge Pile

If you want to see a really close up view of my tight black asshole letting out a HUGE pile of hot soft shit, this is the clip for you!

Poo / Shit On All Fours, Doggy Style On Paper(mp4)

The ebonyscatprincess gets on all fours, so you can eat her chocolate doggystyle.

Jerking While Shitting

Bratty College Girl Diaper

Too dirty & lazy to use the toilet, she needs to wear a diaper!Diapered Goddess is role playing the bratty schoolgirl, who is too dirty and lazy to use the toilet, and just wants to make extra work for her Mom. She’s been wetting and pooping her panties whenever she pleases, so she has to wear a diaper. This suits her just fine. She likes being dirty anyway, so now she can just pee and poop herself to her heart’s content. She’s preparing for an exam too, so wearing a diaper will be convenient too.But as she wets and farts and fills her diaper with a huge load of shit, she discovers that the warm mess around her ass and pussy, and the heavy sagging diaper rubbing between her thighs is getting her aroused. So much for studying! Her asshole has become sensitive and excited too, after pushing such a huge poop through it, and the feeling of the poop still there, all held in by the loaded diaper, is making her even more excited. She needs to do something about it!The poop filled diaper pushed aside, she rams the dildo up her ass!She gets her anal dildo and pushing the poop filled diaper to one side, she rams it up her ass and plays with herself until she cums hard. At least now though she’s feeling satisfied and relaxed, the perfect mood in which to sit her exam. Maybe putting a diaper on and wetting and messing it will become her preferred method to study!!

Mistress Roberta- Today’s Morning Breakfast -pov

this morning you will get a very fast breaffast but very creammy in alot of pee and you must eat it from the toilet directly like a pig !

Tanata Pees And Fingers Her Pussy

Tanata seems to dream. She is absorbed in her thoughts. While doing so she goes to the toilet. She still looks a little bit carried away. She couldn’t resist before… But it was very awesome and exciting too…! She drops down her panties and takes a seat on the toilet soon. Still thinking on the action before she can’t do anything else then starting to rub her hot pussy. Now she wants to bring herself a climax! But also she has to pee very urgently so she just let the pee flow. She concentrates on massaging her pussy a lot more than aiming with her stream of pee… So a lot of the piss doesn’t hit the ground of the toilet…! She continues to finger her hot hole and becomes so much turned on that not only pee drips out of her pussy ? until she reaches the climax! It won’t be her last session, that’s for sure…!

Pissing Girls Onagazou

College Girl Plastic Pants

Bratty college girl is wearing all the day the diaper and plastic panties and prepairing for her exam.During the day she is making this diaper full of pee and shit, she hasn’t time to go to the toilet, she has her plastic panties to protect, but anyway it is not enough and she makes her legs sexy messy….

Goodness Grace’s Golden Treats!!

Goodness Grace continues to cover all bases with one for my Pee Lovers!! Enjoy as she makes you a warm glass of her golden nectar in one scene. Then enjoy as she shakes that golden peach before playing with her stream in another. Enjoy as she saves the best for last – as she soaks her sexy panties with her nectar!! A pissy Mess!! Another great Treat from Goodness Grace!! This is just the beginning as she is out for domination!!

Shiteating Amazones 2

A mega shit-swallow session in the woods near the Danube river, those girls went to the limit and had multi orgasms while the turd was coming into their mouths…. – full lesbian scat action!!

Golden Shower 10

Richie is dragged by Hanna into the bathtub. It pisses him full of above till below, also into his face first. And it then has licked its angepisste pussy of him cleanly.

Brazil Scat Face

Humiliation With A Full Diaper

I’ve caught you again, secretly spying on me. Can you not get enough of me? I can understand that. But rules are rules. Anyone who does not obey my rules will be punished. And today I have something very humiliating in mind. I wrap you in a pink diaper, kick a few times against the balls and order you to pee in the diaper. Out of fear, the diaper gets really full. And what I intend then, you will never be able to imagine.


Oxana is naughty loading a huge messy shot in new green panties.

Sexy Dress Farts And Shit

I’m going for lunch with my girls to day and I’m just about to leave. But wait, I know your here watching me and you want me to talk about my farts. Just you and me and my sweet ass and round little bum hole. It winks and talks just for you. Maybe a little poop too?

Pissing In The Shower, Full

3 pissing in the bathroom:1st: pissing in the shower size in 3:23 minViolett pissing in the bathroom, first time no-nude in shower, she pissing across her jeans short, watch how the pee weting her short, and flowing to her legs, and solesPhotoset with 95 of 3072x2304p size also available in our yezzclips imagestore!Also available as Read more on bottom of page! . Custom videos:

Diaper Pee Outdoor

Loly And Rosella Piss A Scotsman In The Mouth!

619/5000At one of our awesome AÖ gangbangings and piss parties, in Oyten, by Loly and myself, was also a Scot who had come specially from England to see us live. The Scot wanted to fill us not only with his sperm and his piss, but he also wanted to swallow our delicious piss. So Loly and I, the Scottish user, one after another, pissed nicely in his mouth. What the Scot did not suspect was that we had to pee so much and we pissed him extremely much in his mouth. All this you see from 2 camera angles. So you see the hot piss scenes from the front and from behind!

Sparkle’s Out Like A Lion!!!

You know the saying about March, it comes in like a Lamb and goes out like a Lion? Well it’s the perfect summation of this collection by Sparkle!!! She started the month off slowly but all the sudden she is ROLLING with the clips!! She starts off with a few quickies, then Enjoy some of the FUNKIEST clips Sparkle has ever done in this nearly 18 min set! Sparkle’s not usually the gassiest with her dumps, but in a few particular scene she cut a few little poots while dropping a load that caught me off guard!!! Ms D she is not when it comes to plopping and farting simultaneously, but hearing ANY ass noise from that juicy ass of hers just drives me wild!!! A lot of great grunts and groans as well!!! Sparkle is on a ROLL right now and this is one of her biggest, longest collections of clips to date!! Plenty Grunts, plops, straining, groaning, poots, and even a little bubbleguts!!!

Mistress Gaia – Under The Skirt

What does is hidden under my skirt? 🙂 Surprise ?

Isadora Has To Go

Mature (50 year old) Latina MILF in a bar is drunk and needs to pee. She gets directions from the bartender and stumbles out and down the hall. Following the stars (which the bartender never mentioned) she ends up on the roof. Isadora squats, pulls aside her black thong panties and squirts a hard yellow stream of pee onto this city rooftop.640×480 WMV video

German Pissing Fisting Milf

My Shitty Breakfast

Does your morning start with oatmeal? And mine with a plate of freshly shit. What a pleasure to shit in a plate, then sniff and taste, slowly eat it with a teaspoon. Then get up and shove a piece of shit in my pussy and get him out of there with a spoon and eat. What a pleasure to savor every piece of such sticky and warm shit. Chew, swallow and feel it in your stomach. My weekend morning is divine thanks to this breakfast

Mistress Roberta – Small Breakfast And Shit Bath Thub Part 2- Pov

The second part of this video is me preparing your bath thub first i am shitting in it a big pile of shit i let you eat from it and after you finish i clean my ass in the bath thub and give you a brown bath .

Scat Diaper Feeding Humiliation

I love thinking of creative ways to use and humiliate My toilet slaves! So today, I tied My slave up to make sure he couldn’t go anywhere and made him watch as I shat and pissed in a diaper right in front of him. I made him crawl to the diaper and smell it, then I pushed his face into it and rubbed it in. I pushed him so deep into the shit that he could barely breathe and I made him eat My pissy shit directly from the diaper as he gagged in reflex. Once I was amused enough, I took the poop filled diaper and wrapped it around his head before securing it there with duct tape. I then led him around on a leash like a shitty idiot before leaving him in a corner to fester in the scent of My divine shit.

Girls Peeing In Each Ot Her Panties

Two Girls Food-scatgames

These two czech chicks, Milena and Sabine love it dirty… It was really fun to film them doing that stinky games, they loved it!!!

My Mistress’s Fetish! – Part 2

After eating my pussy and licking my asshole, I unload huge chunks of shit on the bowl, enough to smear all over my body and his.

A Shitty Diaper!

I wore my diaper to work today! It made me so excited knowing it was right there under my little skirt. Every time I moved I could feel it brushing against the insides of my thighs. By the time I got home I was just so desperate to touch myself!I sit down in front of you with my legs up and open and show you my diaper. My pussy is aching to be touched and dripping wet and it sends tingles all over as I rub my hand up and down teasing myself.As I play with myself I begin to feel like I need to pewp. OMG this is so hot. I wanted to fill my diaper with a big mess so bad! So with my legs still open wide in front of you, I begin to push, I can feel it coming! My little diaper is tight and I have to push hard but I manage to get it out.Almost immediately my room fills up with the stinky smell of pewp, but I don’t care, I’m way to excited, I wriggle around on the mess I’ve made in my diaper and carry on masturbating.I can feel my self getting close, and rub harder and faster until I cry out with pleasure as wave after wave floods over me as I cum to an amazing orgasm!


Mary is running hot lot of crazy diareeah in the pantyhose;)

Video Porno Gratis Frau Pisst

Nothing Shit Can Escape

My ass was very full this morning, cause yesterday I ate a lot of food to fill the slave’s mouth. He was already waiting for me in the toilet and was impatient. I shit directly in his mouth with his lips sealed to my asshole, sucking my shit out, but the shit was too big and creamy for his mouth ? so nasty, but entertaining nonetheless. I don’t care, he is just a shit hole, my toilet hole! There is some bonus for you filthy toilets as well. You can see what you can never have – my shit covered my ass – is your dream meal.

Captured Slave In Dungeon! – Part 1

They make him wear a mask and a collar on his neck. They use a stick to prod into the nooks and crannies of his body, including his asshole.

Eating Mistress Dees Dump Again Iphone/ipod

Mistress Dee drops by again to feed the toilet a helping of her chocolate goodness. Will be available in 1080p HD 720p HD WMV, Ipad 720p HD and Iphone/Ipod formats.

Diaper And Diarrhea

unconventional shit show, your dirty whore again horny