Liquid Shitty Morning

Yesterday had me working up an appetite. A little obsessed for the night, I really want to shit! My slave with sleepy eyes began to fuss. I brought him into the bathroom and profuse diarrhea poured directly into his mouth!I like to shit in his toilet mouth… I so want to someday get 10 women and they shitting in him, and he will eat all their shit! Guarantee!

Liquid Shitty Morning

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Mouthful Of Diarrhea

My best video with diarrhea! Must have video! A lot of big smelly diarrhea shit, and swallowing by slave, yes you in front your PC ! I want you to get on your knees and crawl to my ass to lick my asshole. You really like that pretty ass don’t you? Go on the, show me how you worship my ass, let us see how good slave you are. Eat my liquid shit!

Mouthful Of Diarrhea

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Fuck Shitty Butt

Almost Pooped My Pants!!

DIARRHEA URGENT Almost Pooped My Pants!!I was just about to shit in my pants I barely had time to get my pants down. The first half of this video doesn’t have the best of lighting but you can still see most everything. I shit fast and hard a made a mess on my ass.The last portion of the video is better lighting and close ups and you can see better.ENJOY EVERYONE!From your favorite redhead.

Young Girl Alina Pooping 04

Young girl Alina pooping 04

Old Man Trains To Become A Dungeon Slave! – Full Movie

This old man wants to join the slave pool, but is he up for the grueling task? These ladies are going to find out and give him some good breaking in! They subject him to all sorts of hardships. They whip his delicate body, they prod his mouth with a dildo, and they try to control his breathing. They sit on his face to see how much he is willing to take.

Jap Girl Shits Alote

Princess Mia Toilet Slavery Scat

Toilet Slavery Scat

My Husband Is A Pimp & I Punished Him! – Part 3

I worked him out so hard, disgustingly I even manage to pretend loving to suck his dirty little noodle dick.. He then passed out on the floor that’s when I made him taste some of my diarrhea scat!

Shit-smeared Threesome! – Part 2

They start getting down and dirty after making sure that their hair and bodies are completely covered with each other’s scats. They lick each other’s shit-smeared tits and eat each other’s foul-smelling cunts.

Eatshit Female Slave

A female slave pee in a cup full of condoms and then drinking all. Not satisfied the master defecate in a bowl and offer to her shit for complete swallow.from site

Bukkake Fetish Slut Piss Shower

Christina Feeds Her Toilet Slave With Shit

Christina powerfully pissed me in the mouth and crap in the plate. Christina saddled me as her horse and ordered to empty the plate from her shit sitting on me. Shit was not enough, but it still had a sweetish, heavy taste after activated carbon tablets.

Mistress Lilly Make Brownies And Humiliate You

Mistress Lilly make another 3 movies and she want to combine them into this : she play with her asshole and put inside some lollipops to give them a nice taste. She prepare some brownies then with some shit in the second movie and at the end, she shitting a huge diarrhea on the floor.

Drink My Piss And Clean My Pussy!

He’s lied down on the floor with a funnel ready for his Mistress golden nectar deposits. His Goddess Mistress deposits her sweet juice into shit mouth and he drank it all like a thirsty slave. He was then ordered to clean his Mistress pussy after they way she likes it and he did as he was told. Mistress is happy and so is he.

Pee And Shit

She pees a long stream in his mouth and covers his face with shit!

Pakistani Girls Pissing

Take My Shit Inside

Another probation day for toilet slave. Again humiliation from Hot Mistress and shit in his mouth. Be obedient. Prepare for a hot portion of your sweet breakfast. Fresh smelly diarrhea. Do you like it, my toilet? Can you swallow it?

Queen Chair Shitting

Erica is testing out her Queening Chair and she saved up a huge shit!She sits, shits, farts, moans, groans, and her facial expressions depict her relief.

Humiliated And Fucked In The Wheelbarrow

I collect apricots rotted in the garden… Lengthened in the wheelbarrow, my master empties the bucket of fruit rotted on my body and he pisses and shits in my mouth… Completely soiled from head to foot my master fucks my ass & cum in my whore asshole…I finish the session in the wheelbarrow by smoking a cigar and by pissing…

Mom Son Sex Peek

Office Pervert!

There is a lesson to learn from all of you perverts in the office! Lady boss is not happy after looking at the cctv and seeing that one of her employee is a pathetic loser and a pervert who preys on office ladies and peeps at them when they go to the bathroom and spying at them while jerking off. Well, he is not getting away with some disciplinary action with this lady boss! She made eats her spit, drinks her piss and sharted some liquid shit all over his face on the office floor. Then she made him eat it all and cleaned up after!

Perverse Femdom Session! Shit, Facesitting, Snot And Piss For The Slave! Full Movie

Here was the next toiletsclave with me to visit. And of course I did not know any more grace for the slaves. First I gave the slaves a Facesitting and he had to lick my dirty asshole clean! While he licked my asshole, I just pooped him a big heap, into his mouth. And I also had to piss and simply pissed at the big shit in his mouth! I also spat in his mouth and he had to swallow my snot and then eat all my shit! I fed him with a spoon so he had to eat it all! He choked, but that did not help him, since he could not go until he had eaten everything. I`ve humble him all the time and it`s horny DirtyTalk, from me, to hear! The whole nasty session you see from 3 camera angles!

Ms D Is The Masster Blasster!!!

Ms D Returns just to show who is the most LOUD & EXPLOSIVE Funky Lady!! Enjoy as she returns with three FantASStic, FartASStic, ShartASStic, and gASSy clips!!! When you’re a 5’10” Amazon like Ms D, it’s hard to find rivals for explosion with this Amazon!! She couldn’t even get out of her tight jeans fast enough in these clips as she was Exploding before she could even sit down!! A nice mix of farting, plops, and even a lil Diarrhea!!! 3 of the FUNKIEST clips this year period!! Another Must Have Classic from MS D!! She is still the mASSter ASS blASSter!!!

Close-up, Shitting In The Toilet

Very horny close-up in HD. Look at me like I’m dropping a hard sausage in the dish. Keep the camcorder directly before my asshole, so you can see them up close. Do you like it? 😉

Woman Peeing In A Pull Up

Bbw All Smeared In Shit

My girlfriend loves shit, she loves to piss and shit everywhere and play with it. This time she took a shit in the tub and couldn’t resist getting smeared with that beautiful smelly shit on her body. Her whole body was covered in shit, it’s so hot.

Sweet Diarrhea From Yana

Sweet diarrhea from Yana


Vika is hot policewoman wide hole shitting!