Jap Mistress Shit In Slave Mouth

Kara Lee In I Have A Pee Fetish – The Interview

Kara was over for the day and we started chatting with her…We find out she has a pee fetish…She loves all things about Pee! A couple questions later, we had her naked and drinking pee from a cock. Kara is a must see, pee lovers do not come any cuter!!!

Nasty Poo On The Floor!!!

Hi guys! I just woke up and had to poo bad!!! Didn’t have enough time to set up so it’s kind of an impromptu clip but Oh boy is it nasty!!! LOL I took a big ole nasty green and black shit and piss all over my floor. I was so desperate when it finally came out it felt sooo good! Anyway I hope you enjoy it as much as I did 😉

Mistress Gaia – Humilation Under Sofa

Sitting on the sofa, at my feet I have this shit eater … Just waiting for his Mistress who dish him the meal … but something awaits him, my bitch will offer him a meal today!

Girl Poo While Riding Dildo

Night Close Hole Shit

Night shitting, close up hole wide turds!

Sex Training Peeing Outdoor In Japan 1-1

I will train a Japanese woman to be naked outside by the outside.I’m drinking pee.

Lesbians Scatology Experience! – Part 2 Movie

Part 2? Experienced lesbians experiment on their first step to scatology world and I must say it is absolutely stunning! Watch them as they both make out, drink loads of piss from each other and exchanges shit eating from each others digested food!

P – 2 Drink My Pee – 05 – Hq 640×480

HQ 640×480, time 6:03. Toilet slavery. Toiletman will drink all her pee.

Peeing Minute

Kara Lee In I Have A Pee Fetish – The Interview (720p)

Kara was over for the day and we started chatting with her…We find out she has a pee fetish…She loves all things about Pee! A couple questions later, we had her naked and drinking pee from a cock. Kara is a must see, pee lovers do not come any cuter!!!

The Wet Vacuum Cleaner

The only good thing about the slave beasts is that they can be used and used for just about anything. Why waste electricity on a wet vacuum cleaner when you have a slave with a straw *Smile*. Our new toilet sow just makes itself useful and spoons my piss which was upgraded with vomit from Domi. The livestock is just too stupid and spills our noble gifts so that the broth now fills my floor dirty. Now the straw is used to allow the dog to suck everything into his carcass. Too bad, but he shouldn’t have spilled it.

Nanny Scats For Extra Cash!

Her boss makes her an offer she can’t refuse – lots of cash if she agrees to shit in front of him. Why the hell not, she thinks. It’s good cash she can use. So she wastes no time stripping down to her blue underwear while her boss watches her. He makes her squat on the couch with her ass hanging at the edge. With a few deep grunts, she ejects shit from her asshole, which drops down to the tissue toilet on the floor. Satisfied with her shit, the boss gives her a wad of cash and tells her she should do it again tomorrow.

Dirty Shitplate From Alice

Alice is a totally into shit 19 y.o. teenager, who films herself shitting in front of a mirror… it makes her horny when she sees the shit coming out and the smell gets into her nose…

Bw Drinking Pee Orgy

Sultry Valeria. Pee With Gynecological Speculum

Special training and an incredible pressure of urine!. Valeria has inserted a gynecological speculum into her pussy and urinates right with the speculum into her vagina. Close-ups and incredible fun for you are povided!

Tna Fill Up Part 1 720p

Two mistresses Mistress Trish and Mistress Angie take turns filling up the toilets pathetic mouth with sloppy shit after big lunch of greasy fast food. Mistress Angie cant hold it any long and if up first dropping a pile of soft greasy shit in the toilets open mouth. These two dominant queens of the throne are available for sessions and can be contacted at

Scatfest! – Part 5

They take turns shitting on his face. Then they make him clean their assholes using his tongue!

Pretty Slave Girl Trained To Serve Her Kinky Masters

Pretty slave girl trained to serve her kinky masters

Drink Pee Girls

Mistress Gaia – Under My Throne

Prostrate under my throne, this slave is ready to receive the gift of the royal fruit of my body. Having sacrificed all his dignity to learn how to serve me worthily, he receives with joy and gratitude my shit, aware of being finally come to realize his nature: to be my slave and my toilet.

Mistress Roberta -bamboo Canning And Feeding

Today my greedy slave will pass trough pain to be feed and it will be fun for me and painful for my pot . First i feed him from my toes with chocolate so he can think everything is fine and will be a good day after i do some face sitting and take the small baboo cane and hit him all over his body starting with the nipples and finishing with the inner tights and his chastity after i pee on his body and poop in his mouth a huge piece of shit and i also wipe my ass and pussy and shove the paper in his mouth and with the cane in my hand after i covered his head wth pantyhose mask to hold the shit in his mouth i order him to eat all and hit him to do it, enjoy!

4 Girls Used Me, As A Living Toilet, In The Swimming Pool!

When I, together with my 4 friends, Dirty-Tina, HollyBanks, AnnyAurora and TexasPatti, was in the swimming pool, all four girls had to piss. So they came up with the idea of using me as a living toilet. So we, five girls, pulled us naked and I had to lie down on the floor, in the pool. Then pissed, one girl after another in my mouth, all 4 use me, as a toilet, and I have swallowed everything, well. See how much fun we had! After all 4 had bottled me, we were caught, by a bath supervision. How we got caught and what happened next, you see in the next part, from our visit to the swimming pool! But I can tell you, that it went so extreme and horny on!

Long Smooth Scat

Do you like it actually prefer shaved pussy with hair or rather smooth, if I`m in front of you and you stretch my pussy and my ass for shit against …

Blonde Drink Peephole

Licking Shit For Daddy

I’m a dirty shit slut. I will do anything for daddy even suck my shot for him. Watch me shit out a thick log then suck my hard shit for daddy. I talk dirty the whole time imagining my hard shit is daddy’s big cock covered in my shit.

The Measure P2 Hd Version

Now he has to swallow the shit. We stuff the toilet slave the shit deep into his mouth. So that he can swallow better, we still spit and piss additionally in his mouth.

The Poop Barril Part 1

Girls Uses Man

Sparkles’ Painful Mega Plops!!!

You can see and hear the pain in Sparkle as shit lets these monsters out her ass!!! Enjoy Four great new clips from Sparkle as she grunts, plops and strains like never before!!! Enjoy that rearview action as she pulls down and shakes that delicious as of hers. Then enjoy as she props that ?custom built for shitting? ass in the air to let out some real juicy bombs!!! By far of her best clips EVER!! Tons of ass shaking, twerking, shitting, peeing and Pissing ? both at home, in public, and at work!!!

Slave Drinking Pee Amateur


Doggy-style poop with hard nuggets followed by soft logs!Multiple angles. Close-up ending.

Erica Wets The Bed

Erica is taking a nap with her boyfriend and she is very tired. Too tired to even get up and go to the bathroom to pee. She begs her boyfriend until he finally gives her permission to pee. When she is finished he gets back in bed with her and they continue their nap.

Mistress Gaia – Under The Desk

While I’m working with my computer, my doormat complains of being hungry, I can satisfy him, because I got a certain urge to go to the bathroom … without moving from my desk … after having adored my ass, he will receive a good dose of hot chocolate in his mouth that he will appreciate for the excellent taste 🙂

Pretty Slave Girl Trained To Serve Her Kinky Masters

Pretty slave girl trained to serve her kinky masters

Forced Pissing Cat Lesbian


Hot messy stinky pooping of eating lot of cabbage,cumming and peeing for you!

Pissing In Nylon

In this hot clip I piss in myblack nylontights, you see how the golden juice runs through. Everything is beautifully wet. With nice close-ups of my Pisspussy.

Nr. 10 New Scat Mix Compilation

The new compilation of the best moments of my clips of scat!!!! From video 146 – 166 – 175 – 202 all in italian language! Enjoy yourself!!!!! You can find the full version of these videos here on YEZZ. MP4 fast download.


Hot santa helper is giving you gift drink pee and food shit!

Drink Pee Owne

Sweet Virgin Anal Hole!

Busty babe experienced first time finger fucking in her ass hole! She lets a man finger fuck it and extract shit from it and tasted it! Sweet taste

Crap On The Floor And Trample Shit

I pee and crap on the floor beautiful shit. Then wipe my sweet and dirty asshole and trample the hot poop. You will see my hemorrhoids. At the end of the clip, I’ll show you my mess. You lick my dirty feet, eat my delicious shit. Bon Appetit.

Princess Nikki First Time Shit On Slave

This was the first shitting clip of Princess Nikki ever. It happans 2010 in Berlin. Three of her slaves was laying down and Princess Nikki just shits in the pathetic mouths. She did it like a profi, a pice for everyone! She really enjoyed what she did!

Drinking Pee Bowl

Shy Lady’s Blossoming Anus!

The shy lady walked to my room and pulled down her panties, which smelled faintly of piss and vinegar. She must’ve have been wearing her panties for days now. In her forties, the woman’s anus was full and round, which meant she had been keeping her shit in for a few hours and was about ready to explode. She bit her lip as she pushed out a large wave of warm fart that sounded like tiny bike horn. Her anus began expanding insanely, twice, thrice its size as the massive turd escaped the confines of her rectum. Her shit smelled like days old meat mixed with vinegar, too. It was massive, a dollop and a half, and it splashed wetly on my face before I began swallowing it piece by piece. I love wet dollops of shit, they’re tasty and easy to swallow, and I can smear them on my slave skin all day long.

Lady Joice – The Private Toilet Slave Hd P4

Mistress Michelle is shitting on bread in front of the toilet slave. Then he has to eat that bread of shit. He does it. He bites off piece by piece and enjoys the bread.

Outdoor Turd

Girl takes a HUGE dump outside

Lesbian Lollypop Scat

Veronika and Maisy have lesbian scat sex with Lollypops. See them kissing, sucking and licking brown scat lollypops.