Tera Joy Pissing Agian

Sweet Shit From Women’s Panties!

Sweet shit from women’s panties! Today I came from work early. Mrs Christina and Karina woke up recently and they didn’t hear me enter the apartment. Taking this opportunity, I decided to sneak up and watch the girls through the slightly open bedroom door. Mistresses do not allow me to touch them, and I can admire their bodies only with their permission. Each of girls has a boyfriend with whom she has sex. But I am not allowed to do this. I secretly, through the gap, admired their bodies, their breasts, their beautiful asses. I overheard their female talk. Suddenly, Mrs. Karina noticed me. And I was punished. The girls were waiting for me, because when they wake up, they always want to go to the toilet. This time I was eating their shit from their panties. I was taking it from the panties and was shoving it in my mouth. As always, it was amazing. I really like to eat shit of Christina and Karina, and I ate every single bit of it. This time Karina had a large amount, so she had to put the heap in her panties twice.

Mistress Gaia – Total Wc Training

This young slave is eager to become my personal toilet. So I decided to give him a chance and to train as a full toilet. For the first time he will have to drink all my divine nectar and eat my shit. To be the first time he really eats a lot ‘! I think the guy has a real talent as shit-eater!

The Poop Cage Head Out Part 4

Girls Uses Man

Anabelle Wants To Pee For You

Anabelle is a sweet cutie! She likes to play with guys and knows what she needs to do to make them horny. And she also knows that you like to watch young girls while they need to pee! She is a little bit shy but because of your fetish she still tries to pee right in front of you! She knows that your eyes are lying on her – especially her pussy of course! Then – slowly some drips of pee leave her pussy. From time to time a small ray leaves her pussy too – but you can easily see how shy she is, knowing that you watch her! Wow – that’s soo cute overall!

Asian Pooping On Another

Stinky Foots And Shitty Pralines

I sit on the chair and you can see my stinky foots and i give you so near on the camera!! Want you lick and sniff my foots Looser? Then i must shit,too much brown Pralines for you,ah and i make hot Dirty Talk in this time!! I press the shit on my rosette…..Slave,eat the shit and lick my foots,my stinky little foots!!

Your Dinner

Today your dinner will be my scat and my piss!

Lady Latoria: Eat My Shit! Combo (mp4)

Racy Lady Latoria teases you almost naked and tell you lick her ass clean after she shits. Next you have tho honour to watch her while shitting on the floor. Your meal ist ready, come and eat shit!

Ass Chocolate Sundae 1080p

Mistress Raw Desires is back in action and has a treat for the toilet pig. The last time she fed him a fat log right from the oven; this time she makes him an ass chocolate sundae. Watch as her gorgeous ebony ass jiggles and wiggles as she prepares the sunday and dumps a hefty load of chocolate straight from her ass into the bowl. After shitting into the bowl she has the toilet lick her clean before eating his sundae. She laughs and humiliates him bite after bite of the shit sundae. (and yes this actually an ice cream sundae made up of her shit). Mistress Raw Desires is truly a creative shit queen.Contact her @ she is offering live and cam sesions. Will be available in 1080p HD 720p HD WMV, and Iphone/Ipod formats.

Spy Cemara Girls Bathroom Pissing With Pooping Ved

Mistress Gaia – Funnel Gold Pee

We know that My pee is something unique, for the first time this slave will taste my delicious champagne, of course accompanied with a little of My precious nectar…

Family S3cr3t (part 1)

“He shit on me. Right in my face. I got some in my mouth. I felt its taste. I really… really… liked it. I could not resist and ate a big piece of his shit.” In this part im eat shit and smear+play with shit!The second part will be epic dirty blowjob, a little bit fuck in the throat and big cum facial + play with sperm and shit. Check my store for updates and stay tuned!)))


Hot constipated shitting;)

Shitting While Standing

Imagine you’re lying on the ground, I stretch my asshole over you. Comes out a delicious chocolate sausage …. hmmm

Eating Shit Cat Girl

Peeing In A Bucket

Peeing in a bucket (JJ000556)

Saturday Shit 02

This second video shows my last Saturday evening scat session. I properly used my toilet seat with slave lying under. He was all the time with his mouth open ready for the toilet service. I love shitting in his stupid mouth! During this, he has the task to chew and swallow everything until the last piece of cake. It must be a great feeling for slave to be my toilet. The best thing he eats, smells and inhales is the fragrance of my shit!

Ebonyscatprincess Shits While Wearing Knee High Boots

You imagine yourself bowing before her perfectly round ass.. waiting patiently as her boots pierce your hands holding you still so that you may enjoy her steaming hot scat falling from her perfected tight asshole, it opens only to feed you…

Brother Hav Scat With

Mouthfull Of Shit

Hey, stupid piece of shit. Crawl to me and lie down on the floor. Lick my big ass and enters your tongue in my ass. Lick it clean and sniff my ass. Now I’m going to shit in your mouth. Open it wider and swallow my shit, loser.

143 Milan Toilet Eat Shit

Another Slave from Milan that is my toilet in privet session. He sniffs my socks and feet, kiss and licks my bare feet first. After that, he drinks my pee and I shit in his mouth and make him swallow. He is lucky because my shit is very soft like diarrhoea. Enjoy!

Toilet Slave Applying

How wonderful to have a permanent toilet slave in the property, ready to eat my shit every time. I’m just using his mouth like a toilet. He clean my shoes and lick my ass. Look at this and enjoy.

Been Covered In Pee, On Birthday Party, Of A Man’s Horde!

I was at the birthday party of a Girlfriend when I was recognized by male birthday guests! She knew now that I am a horny bastard, they used me as a living toilet, in the party room! And have successively, pissed me there, in front of all party guests, into my bitch mouth and everyone pissed me full, in my clothes! In another video, you look like, the men use my mouth and fill this with sperm!

Eat Shitpiss And Shit Eat

Maiya Sound Of Poop

A strong push produces a wonderful sound during a rush of poop!

Mistress Roberta -training My Pot Under My Ass

Today my pot will have a full training under my ass first he starts to worship my feet, legs, ass and after he worships a bit my wetlook leggings i remove them and remain with a nice crutchless panties and he starts worship my ass cheeks, lick my ass hole,in different ways and position untill my pee and shit reaches his face and he will eat all he gets, enjoy!

The Poop Barril Part 5

Girls User Man

Pissing In Tehe Ass

Extreme Teenage Scat Party

Alma, a whiteskin very sweet girl and her blonde girlfriend Irma introducing getting to girls into scat swallowing…

Husband Eats Shit For Midnight Snack!

He’s on a diet but he just couldn’t stop eating goodies at night. So one night, the wife decides to give him something that will not give him extra calories. She sits on his face and takes a dump right into his mouth. She wipes his mouth clean afterwards..

Ultimate Ebony Scat / Shit Clip Collection(mpg)

This set of clips has 17 minutes of my best clips even some that are not listed in my store.. but has some from my yezz store as well… Ths is also available on DVD This set includes: attic poo secret poo close up poo wide open special scat burger white panty poo sloppy poo 13 second poo off a scale poo in a tub feast for a king-poo on a plate doggystyle on paper This clip is as requested by timscatboy…Enjoy Length: 17:21 17 minutes 21 seconds

Wo Women Eat Shit

Under The Desktop Poop Session Part 5

Girls Uses Man

One By One They Drowned Him In Their Piss! – Part 2

A dozens of nasty Mistresses and a slave who is strapped up on the ground, wrapped up in foil so he cannot move his arms and a bowl over his head where the Mistress has placed him to receive their discharge! They then took it one by one to piss on vunerable slave until the bowl is almost full and the slave’s head is drowning in the Mistresses piss! What a joy to watch!

Pushing Old Slave To His Limits Part 7

Here the Young-Dominas abuse an older Slave that visited and of course, first Things first, how many and how much can he tolerate. Part 7 English Subtitles

Sodomite Violente Shit

Redhead Teen Cherry – Born To Eat Shit!

You have probably never seen such a devote young girl, who is even into shit eating from girls and even guys…watch this crazy 3some….

Some Diarrhea 1080p

TM has some rumbling going on in her stomach and unleashes her signature thick bombs followed by some messy diarrhea into her toilet.

Well Finally Crapped The Third Day For F

And, a hard sausage is now finally become? Two days I had not shit! And now, on the 3rd day it should finally be ready. Will there finally a hard sausage for my Franke? Look for yourself: – 🙂

Kaviarbabe Anna – Sensation!!

Wow, this girl is a real sensation. She is studying law, and into shit! – What a great combination. And what a fantastic turd coming out of her ass. And she is even playing with shit!!

Skinny Pissed

Mistress Gaia – Enjoy Your Meal, Dog!

ENGLISH SPOKENCome here dog, look, I have a new collar for you. It’s big and heavy and will always remind you that you are my property. Now it’s time for your meal. I’m going to prepare it myself, just for you. What a lucky dog you are!!!! Watch your Mistress while she prepares your food and drink; it is beautiful view, isn’t it? Enjoy your meal now and, when you are done, go back to your dog house.

Mad Scat Action. Part 5

What can be more real, more filthy and dirty than insane scat sex,where shit is flying everywhere, pieces of it fly into pussy, month,eyes, and dick is totally dirty, what is more real, fir and sincerethat this? The answer is – nothing. When several people agree witheach other to do something like this – they must be really close, sickminded and perverted from the roots of their nature.Fuck, Kiss, Suck, Shit. Do a lot of shit and than again fuck, suck,lick it, put it in your month, shew, fuck, make shit.On this one Christine helped us and holded camera,So I m proudly presenting you insane, more that two hours video fullof shit.Eat shit with us and enjoy.Lilith.

User Request: Cock Piss And Blow Them Clean!

Had met with a user who had the desire that I of times, piss him on his cock and then his cock clean blow! No problem, it did so then, pissing in the garden, with a beautiful and replete beam on his cock and had then my piss blown from his cock and his balls and licked! I’m a good girl!

Mistress Gaia – Doesn’t Take It Anymore?

A short video, but very realistic! I have a lot of pee and poop … I can’t resist … I don’t take it anymore, so I piss and evacuate all the shit inside my panties. What disgusting!