Lesbian Farting Worship

Lisa Loves Shit Soups

Once again Kinky Lisa make an enema and push a shit soup directly in slaves mouth.

Mistress Roberta -fast Food As A Breakfast Today -pov

This morning i did prepared you food very fast as it came very fast out first the pee soaked in the paper on the floor and second the shit full with seeds inside, soft , smelly, and creamy .Bon Apetit!

Bathroom Fun 3

Now the male fucks me, and then I give him a deep and dirty blow job with some vomit.

Lesbien Cat Poo Eating

Mariko + Ayaka Iii

Part 3: Ayaka (Enema)Multiple angles. Close-up ending.

Mix Compilation Nr 21


Ghetto Goddess Shit

Ghetto ebony goddess takes a nice big shit

Madame Jeannette Bizarre And Her Shit-eater

After drinking coffee, Madame always has to poo really badly. And she loves to watch her slave how he eats her shit.

Face Pissing Around

The Best! Mia

1.Princess Miya.My most sweet Lady:)mmmPOV Toilet Slavery2.NEW!Sweet girl.Shitting Scat Piss POV3.The best!Mia and Toilet Slavery Mia Scat Enema Farting Facesitting

On A Plate

Shitting a big one on the plate and after that i fill a glass of pee.

A Lot Of Piss From Two Beauties

I enter the room while the toilet is lying on the floor. He begs me to lick my pussy after my peeing. But my current concern is my so amazingly full bladder, so he better open up and take what I have for him. I fill him up with my pee over and over, and don’t really care if he has the time to swallow or not. I let him feel my pussy, then I just leave him on the floor. Cherry Kiss enter the room and follow my lead, and empty her full bladder in the toiler as well. But Cherry is so generous, and let him lick her pussy clean of all the piss that is left there.We move to the couch, and Cherry start once more to empty her bladder once more in the toilet, He can’t really catch that much, but that is his fault, and not Cherry’s. After once more cleaning the piss from her pussy I place myself in the couch and piss him full once more before we leave him on the floor until we need to pee again.

Yoga Instructor Spiked Students Tea – Part 2

After having relaxing tea, she and the girl makes out on the couch. She resumes licking the girl’s armpits. She grabs the girl’s firm tits and sucks the nipples. She goes down on her to run and eat the girl’s cunt. She makes the girl bend over and stimulates her anus. After a few minutes, the girl scats all over her panties.

Punishing By Eating Her Shit


Oxana is hot messy pooping in sexy tights yellow pantyhose !

Spycam At The Toilet Captures Girls Shitting!

Unknown to the girls, this public restroom is equipped with a spycam. Positioned right near the toilet bowl, it takes a video of everyone who goes there and takes a dump. You can see cute little asses squating on the floor and ejecting all sorts of shit on it. You see them wiping themselves and standing up to go out and continue their daily errands.

Pooping Our Panties Together

Jessy opens the door.Last night she was on a date wth her ‘daddy’. ‘Wow,good morning you are wearing the same dress from last night!What hapened?’ ‘I hate last night,I hate this guy,I hate everything about it!’..’Calm down honey,tell me everything’ when her unbelievable story begins.I don’t have a word to say.She jumps from the bed,starts taking off her dress when she says’Do you know what’I wanna destroy this dress!Because of last night’ I know what she means.’Jessy,Jessy wait meee! Let’s do it together pleaseee’ Standing close to each other,on her white dress while we push the poop together.We are pooping at the same time,filling our white panties.There is no such feeling!Admiring the smell,playing with each other hot bodies and smashing the poop from our panties on her white dress… breathtaking!!!!!!!!

Scattie’s Enema

So, I had my first experience with scat (see ‘first experience’), but for me it wasn’t enough. I saw some clip with enema, and decided to do it myself. I didn’t really enjoy the water flowing in my bowels, but I purged with pleasure. The most exciting thing was the water pouring out of my ass hole. It was like a fountain, so I was human fountain. And this smell hmmmm…

Free Lezpoo Online Movie

Comfortable Poop Eating Part 5

Girls Uses Man

Experienced Lesbian Groomed New Officemate! Part 2

Part 2 – To her surprised the new officemate is a quick learner and is now doing the same to her, spreading her ass wide and licking it.. GOOOD!! They exchanged tube of enema and pump their asses and then poooooop!

Harte Schokolade Aus Meinem Arsch

Hmmmm geil…endlich wieder eine harte geile Kackwurst

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Hot Slut Taking A Shit

Farting! Enema! Masturbation! – Full Movie

Full Movie – Having the house all to herself, this sweetheart takes the opportunity to quench her unusual fetish! Wearing only a shirt and underwear, she would bend over and then makes herself fart as much as she can! By the time she could no longer release gas, she proceeds to her next form of activity which is giving herself an enema! After pumping into her asshole the fluid, she bends over again and then slowly releases a stream of feces while wearing her panties! Eventually, the sweetheart takes off her underwear, resulting to a lump of wet poop getting piled up on the floor! When she couldn’t release anymore, she would play with her filth by stepping and scattering it all over the place! It doesn’t end there! Shortly after, she squats on the floor and then masturbates using a massive vibrator! She later lies down on the couch with her legs spread wide apart and rubbing the device on her clit, only stopping after she manages to make herself cum and squirt!

Tight Ass Stretches As She Pushes Out!

How do you love yourself? Let her count the ways! She displays her perfect ass and shows off her tight asshole. She concentrates and slowly ejects nuggets of shit right into a dinner plate. She proves her self-love by taking a bite of her own scat and he smears it all over her pretty face for good measure!

Big And Thick Sausages From Candy

Here you can see my best Clips with my longest and biggest sausages…..you can see too much shit!! ah,come and open you mouth for the very very big Portion of shit!!

P – Mw – Toilet Stool – Drink All My Pee – 02 – A – Hd 1280×720

HD 1280×720, time 6:28. Toilet slavery. Toiletman will drink all pee from VERONICA.

Women Bbw Shitting

Beautiful Extreme Shit Enema

Beautiful Extreme Shit Enema Princess Mia.If you are into scat eating and puking you’re gonna love this video. CUSTOM-Milk-enema- Mia’s ass misses the boyfriend, and Mia decided to invite him home to humiliate again. She caught him on the street and lured home. He was also bound, the mouth was closed so that he would not call for help. The girl cooked a chocolate dish for the guy, placed directly on the plate and began to dunk his face, humiliated him. But this is not enough, she made an enema with milk and began to water his head with shit and milk, so that the slave could not breathe at all and coughed. Mia loves when her boys are covered in shit. She pushes his head into shit with milk and laughs at the weak guy.


Hot pooping and peeing in sexy mouse panties for you!

Godess Call Me In A Hurry

Godess call me in a hurry today because she have a free time of 15 minutes and wanna use my body for her dirty pleasures . . . She dress her slutty bitch in a red catsuit, seethrough one, and humiliate his pathetic cock and balls, slapping them, ballbusting them ! Then she use my mouth as a receptacle for her golden piss and her kaviar.

Look, There I Ropes You The Shit

wide just for you 🙂 camera to view from below upwards 🙂 legs, standing, i poop on you … not long to remain on YOU PIECE … vieeeeeeeeeeeeel fun

Black Man Eatdatshit

Silicone Goddess Shitting Again In Public Places

Mistress Lilly continue her shitting stories. The silicone lady love to shit and piss EVERYWHERE and she also have a camera with her for recording that ! A true Scat Goddess who love to show off her passion for scat !! This time she playing with her pussy and using anal beads in her asshole. Then she shitting a large diarrhea.

Christmas Shitty Massacre. Part 5

This is Christmas Shitty Massacre – top filthy video which includesall what you want to see in pervert video. And we promise – you willsee it all.We have invited our friend for Christmas preparations and asked her –take the camera we want to make a home video, but she never expectedthat we will begin to shit during the process:) You will hear herreaction… We must say – someday we will make all our videos withsubtitles – it is worthy of efforts IMHO. (write in comments to thevideo what you think about subtitles idea.)And when we have got our hands free we have done everything what wewere not able to do in previous videos and you will see all the dirtyactions in proper lovely angles.So what else? What you are going to see here? Enema, Anal, Toy play.Vomit. Scat (lots of it), shitty bags and lots lots of other things.It is real Christmas present to all lovers.Enjoy.

After Sex Pee

Oozing cream pie while peeing. Watch as while peeing my after sex cream pie oozes ouet.HD

Huge Women Pee

Tasting Shit Stew! – Part 1

She takes an enema up her ass to be able to produce enough scat for her needs! She mixes it with her home cooked stew and tastes it herself so ensure the quality of the taste! Yum!


Mesmerizing poop with much thickness!

Shitty Revenge & Solo Scat

Ready for your punishment I ask as I lower my ass right onto his nose without giving any chance of an answer. It isn’t optional. He thought he was hilarious.. Farting in public, following me while he took me shopping. Blaming his nasty gas on me. Thinking he could actually humiliate me but only sinking himself deeper and deeper. Now he finds himself with his nose up against my ass, bound tightly at my mercy. Is it funny now bitch?! How does that smell? Who’s ass is it now?! I keep him breathless, struggling under my ass while I just sit and enjoy myself. Forgetting hes even under there until I have to fart.. lifting up just enough to let him struggle for fresh air but only to get a lung full of ass air. Hahaha.. now this is hilarious. How humiliating this must be for you. You thought you could humiliate me huh? Who’s humiliated now?! PFFFRRAPP.. Oops.. I think I just shat a little.. I think I’m going to have to sht soon.. Removing my panties and flashing them to the camera just to show his torment.. Lucky for him my next one is spoken for.. so I step away and complete that little order, bringing the camera with me for a SOLO POV SHIT.. and sit right back on his nose. MMMMMFFFMM he struggles and moans while his nose slips right into my crack, and he begins to realize that I didn’t bother to wipe. Oops, smell that? .. I let another one rip.. and another one.. letting out the hottest burning gas straight into his nose.. sometimes a little more.. Who’s farts are they now bitch?! Suffer.

Loud And Pee

loud and pee .fast and pee before work, loud noises.

Her Man Girl Shit Couch

Toilet Bowl For Princess.part 1

Toilet bowl for Princess.Part 1MorningEvening :)Princess Anabelle and Toilet Slavery

Extreme Toilet Slave Humiliation And Training, For A Young 19-year-old Rookie!

Here you see the humiliation and training of a 19-year-old Beginner to my all-absorbing living toilet. That was his first time, that someone shit, piss, puke and spit in his mouth The youngster wanted it so from me. He also received from me an enema, farted right out of my asshole in his mouth! And he had to swallow his own sperm. With my shit, that had not landed in his mouth, I still have fed him and smeared him with it. That seems to have made him so horny, to receive my delicacies and to swallow them, that he had a stiff. Have him then a vomit Deep Throat BlowJob, given, until he splashed into my mouth. His sperm, mixed with my puke, I then, spits him right out of my mouth in his mouth! He got the full program, to be a good living toilet!

Pretty Amateur Chick Shits On The Toilet Paper

Pretty amateur chick shits on the toilet paper